Saturday, August 13, 2011

One Year Later + Template Freebie

I found this amazing scrapbook layout by Kelly Purkey on Pinterest, and immediately started making my own digital version. I figured it would be perfect for documenting my husband's travels over the past year. Can you believe it has been a year since he left me for the open highway?? And would you believe that during the last twelve months he has visited 38 of the 48 lower states? He comes home with the most amazing photos of some pretty obscure locations, and he is thrilled about every one of them. It reaffirms my conviction that we made the right choice.

Here is my layout:
Here's a closer look at each page:
travels left
travels right
I'll admit, this layout was a lot of work. I used the pen tool to create vector masks for each state, and I actually think this was the easiest part of the layout. Figuring out which papers to use and where to put them? MUCH more difficult. I decided that since I put so much work into the template, it would be a shame to limit this to one layout. So I'm offering it for free to anyone who would like to use it. Just click the image below or here to download. 
map preview


latz said...

Thanks for the template. It's so cool.

Monica Lifferth said...

Thanks Rachie! I plan on using this for sure!

scrapcat said...

amazing page and template!

Esther said...

this is so awesome! you did an amazing job!

Anonymous said...

This is very cool, Rachael. Thank you for the free template.

missy said...

Oh wow!! Thank you so much for the template. Your layout is amazing.

The Wright's said...

I love, love, love it!!! But I think you are crazy. You could totally sell this template, you know that right?

That being said, don't sell it until I download it! ;)

Sure love you!

Melanie Britt said...

Wow. This is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing it. I homeschool my children so this will be perfect.