Friday, March 25, 2011


Last week I got a couple of new roommates:
Mary and Anna were actually my roommates a few years ago, when I lived with their family while my new house was under construction. They are the daughters of my dear Aunt Gretchen, and I love and adore them. And of course, the fact that they came to stay with me makes them 500% cooler.

Hunter made arrangements to be home while our guests were in town, and we had a blast. We went to the beach, ate tons of delicious food, got feathers in our hair and visited the zoo. It was four awesome days that were over way too soon. I did manage to document a little bit of the awesomeness, with the specific goal of luring other visitors (hint, hint...). Take a look and then book your reservation at Chez Sheedy now:
Oh ya, and then there was this:
Do you see the size of that thing?? How did it happen? The good news is that my handy-dandy mechanic happened to be readily available, thank goodness. He fixed the tire and saved the day. Yay for personal mechanics!

Moral of the story: I love visitors. Nice, happy, fun visitors. And good food. And beaches and shopping. And last week was the best week ever.


Esther said...

How fun for Mary and Anna! We are next so get ready!!!

Zachary said...

I miss California...and the Sheedys! I am going to have to rectify that situation!

Smiley Family said...

I love those girls! Lucky you! I think my little family needs to plan a trip to visit the Sheedy's...

Monica Lifferth said...

I want to be 500% cooler! *sniffles*