Monday, February 28, 2011


The winner of the CSN giveaway is:

Miss Angela "I Have Three of the Cutest Boys Ever Invented" Barker


Now because I don't like having a blog post without photos, here's one of me and the Barker clan circa 2009:
And here's Ang helping me fix up my very first house in 2005. Here's the living room before:
And after:
living room
Ang and her awesome husband helped me tile the kitchen/dining area in this house. As you may have noticed by the quality of my photos, this is before digital cameras were invented. Check out this awesome tile job:
my newly tiled floor!
Check out Ang checking out my awesome tile:
ang tests new tile
I should mention that Home Depot did the tile in my bathrooms, and the Barker version was 500x better than their version. It was also 500x less expensive and 500% more fun. So ya, I'm pretty sure Ang has earned this teeny tiny little "thank you". :)


Brett and Andrea Evers said...

Sounds like it was VERY well deserved! That is a lot of work!

ang said...

Ha ha!!! Great pics - good times!! Love your guts!

Esther said...

yay for ang!