Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sweet Faces

I saw this photo on Lovely Package and immediately started working on my own version. The best part is that Splendid Fiins has a silhouette tutorial that is super easy. I've followed other silhouette tutorials and I've always found it to be a tricky process, so trust me when I say this one is easy. And thank goodness for the easy silhouette, because the rest of the layout was much more difficult for me. Nonetheless they are finally finished and I am happy to show off these two adorable faces:
maddie silhouette copy
ty silhouette
I'm definitely happier with the way Ty's turned out. I may end up tweaking Maddie's...for some reason, I couldn't get it to flow the same way. But don't you just love the concept? I would love to do one of these for each of my sweet nieces and nephews...if their mamas would just send me a usable profile photo (hint, hint!)


Brett and Andrea Evers said...

NICE! I like it.
Ok, so I have to tell you that I made my foray into digital scrapbooking. I attended a 2 day retreat. I'll blog about it later, but I just wanted to say that I have a whole new appreciation for your pages- because I now understand how much work it takes to do what you do!
I really love your style. The ladies that taught me have a very different style and it's cute, but I really like your stuff. It seems sophisticated and elegant. So just a heads up...I'll be digi-scrap-stalking you until you teach me everything.

Esther said...

I LOVE them! I think they are great just the way they are!

Esther said...

p.s. I do know how you can change maddie' need to make her hair more wild looking. :)