Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And the Winner Is...

I'll bet you didn't even know there was a contest. Well of course there was entitled "Who Loves Rachie the Very Most?" The winner got an amazing no-expenses paid trip to San Diego!! And the incredible honor of being in my good graces. As to how the contest was judged, it was pretty simple. Whoever came to visit me in San Diego first must love me the most, right? Well Hunter gets the grand prize for moving with me. You can't beat that kind of loyalty.

However, I am happy to announce the runners-up: The Rigbys!! It's true, these guys are now my favorite. Because last week they showed up in San Diego and stayed for five days. Five glorious, busy, fun and exhausting days of joy.

The day of their arrival, I could not contain my excitement. I have been having serious Maddie withdrawals, and it's no good at all. I miss TyTy and Messie...heck, I even miss Nate! :)

I have to admit, I was too busy trying to keep up with Madison to bother with the camera, but I do have a few photos from their visit.
Future Biker Babe:
Turning into a butterfly:
Looking for dolphins (which we eventually saw, by the way)
2.2 seconds to meltdown...
Full meltdown mode
Oh, the drama!
These last photos were taken down by the bay. You'll notice we're wearing sweaters...the day started out a bit cool. Madison insisted on wearing my Tinkerbell sweater, which was tricky because her sweater didn't exactly fit me. However, it warmed up quickly and we all proceeded to get a nice rosy glow.

Unfortunately this wonderful, glorious event had to come to an end. Despite my pleadings and cajoling, the Rigbys did not move in permanently. Nor would they agree to leave Maddie or Ty behind. Darn them!

On the other hand, we'll be seeing the Rigbys again in about two weeks. Maybe by then they'll have changed their minds? One can only hope. :)