Monday, December 6, 2010

The Adventures of Flat Stanley

Have you heard about Flat Stanley? I think I first heard about him on a friend's blog. He's a pretty cool guy who happens to be flat and generally travels by envelope. He helps kids with literacy, social studies and geography, to name a few subjects. Apparently my nephew Braxton had his own Flat Stanley last year, but I was not made privy to this fact. Well this year Flat Stanley decided to buddy up with my nephew Ryker. And Ryker had the brilliant idea to send him to Hunter, so he could see the world. Or at least, America...via the vast network of interstates and highways.

Stanley's adventures first began about two weeks ago, when he hopped on an airplane and flew home with me. Since then, he met up with Hunter and made himself at home in the truck. He's traveled to California and then back to Utah, and even went to dinner with some awesome Lifferths! If you're interested in following his adventurous life, you can check it out here.

Pretty sure Ryker's Flat Stanley is the coolest Stanley in town.


Nathan and Esther said...

I think that is the coolest thing! I'm sure flat stanley will see some awesome places.

Brett and Andrea Evers said...

How Cool! I looked at Stanley's website and he has some pretty great pictures. I had to laugh about the slot machines.
What a great idea!

Zachary said...

I don't niece's friend, Flat Stanley, was seen off the coast of Trinidad. That's not shabby.

But Hunter is probably a lot more fun traveling companion.