Friday, December 24, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Minute Gift Idea...and a Freebie!

I just returned from a quick business trip to Colorado Springs, CO and realized I still hadn't figured out what to give my co-workers for Christmas. I had several ideas that I'd been tossing around, but none of them really seemed to fit the bill. And then I happened upon the perfect idea. Since great gift ideas aren't always easy to come by, I decided to share this with you. :)

I'll start by showing the finished product:
After finishing the first several designs, I realized they were pretty "girlie" and decided to do a more masculine version as well:
As you can see, this gift requires minimal supplies: a 5x7 acrylic frame (I got mine at Target), post-it notes, and cardstock + printer. Of course, you can always take the digital file to Kinkos and have them print technically you don't even need the last two items.

To start, you'll need to create a 5x7" document in photoshop. Add the papers, title and elements, and print. I used different papers to give each version a unique design, but this is entirely optional.
post it2
post itguy7
After printing, trim the document and slip into the frame. Make sure the frame is orientated will be upside-down from the traditional usage. Add the post-it notes, and you're done!
I've seen versions where the post-it notes were glued to the frame; however, I wanted the notes to be replaceable so I just peeled the paper-backing away and stuck the notes directly to the frame. I was unable to find any post-it notes that actually matched my frame designs, so it might help to purchase your post-its before you design your frames. Then you can choose a matching color palette...brilliant!

Realizing that Christmas is just days away, and in an effort to make this hectic week just a teeny bit easier for you, I am giving away this post-it template. Just click on the image below (or click here) to download. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Adventures of Flat Stanley

Have you heard about Flat Stanley? I think I first heard about him on a friend's blog. He's a pretty cool guy who happens to be flat and generally travels by envelope. He helps kids with literacy, social studies and geography, to name a few subjects. Apparently my nephew Braxton had his own Flat Stanley last year, but I was not made privy to this fact. Well this year Flat Stanley decided to buddy up with my nephew Ryker. And Ryker had the brilliant idea to send him to Hunter, so he could see the world. Or at least, America...via the vast network of interstates and highways.

Stanley's adventures first began about two weeks ago, when he hopped on an airplane and flew home with me. Since then, he met up with Hunter and made himself at home in the truck. He's traveled to California and then back to Utah, and even went to dinner with some awesome Lifferths! If you're interested in following his adventurous life, you can check it out here.

Pretty sure Ryker's Flat Stanley is the coolest Stanley in town.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So Thankful

I just returned from a week in Utah and a road trip home with my honey. It was an unexpected, amazing holiday. I intend to provide you with the details, but I'm starting with a scrapbook page. This page sums up the most important part of my Thanksgiving story. Check it out (click for credits):
miracles copy

The journaling reads as follows:

Miracle One: It began on Sunday, Nov 21, when I realized Hunter would not be home in time for Thanksgiving. This meant I would be alone for the holiday, and I was not thrilled. The next morning I happened to mention this sad fact to my sweet sister Sarah and she proceeded to buy me a plane ticket. I was home-bound the very next day! I couldn't have been happier.

Miracle Two:  The next day I flew into SLC in the middle of a huge snowstorm. I was so afraid my flight would be diverted or cancelled. Amazingly, I arrived safe and sound only an hour later than scheduled.

Miracle Three: Hunter travelled 604 miles in snow and wind, hauling a heavy load, to arrive in Minersville on Thanksgiving Day. I was able to spend Thanksgiving Day with the people I love the very most. It was a perfect day.