Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life + Art

Remember these photos that I took a few months ago? Well, I had an ulterior motive when I took them. You see, I needed to create an art project for my sister Ruth's new house. I used Amanda Taylor's awesome template set (lest you think I'm more talented than I really am) to create this:
and this:
I then uploaded the photos to Winkflash, where canvas prints are currently 40% off. The result was this:
Ryker's birthday 2010 023
and this:
Ryker's birthday 2010 020
Granted, I haven't seen the results myself. My mama was kind enough to take the pictures of the canvas prints for me. As you can see, there was a bit of glare on the prints at the time so it's a bit difficult to determine the quality. However, the following testimonials ought to give you some idea of whether this was a successful endeavor:

"Best. present. ever! Seriously!" -Ruth Carter

"Amazing!" -Sandy Johnson

"You are the most talented, beautiful, smartest person I know." -Becca Albrecht

"You are way cooler than my mom." -Kenzie Carter

Okay, I confess. I made the last two up. Nevertheless, I'm still pretty excited about this project. And of course, the best part is the completely adorable subjects I was able to work with. I sure love those girls!


The Carter Family: said...

Yes! I still stand by my comment! I can't wait to decorate their room with did an AMAZING job!!!

TaylorMade Designs said...

OMG!!! GIRL!!!! these are FABULOUS!!!!!! seeing this TOTALLY made my day today!!!! what a BRILLIANT idea! thank you so much for sharing this with us!!!!

Smiley Family said...

Okay, so we got our family photos done this weekend with the intent of doing some canvas prints for my family room wall. Now I just need you to do the photo editing!!!! You are amazing and I love what you can do with an ordinary photo. So impressed!

Smiley Family said...

And thanks for the 40% off tip! I just hope it doesn't expire before I can get it done!

Gretch said...

Sooo CUTE!! You are the best Aunt!

Monica Lifferth said...

These are gorgeous Rach. You amaze me again and again with your talent. Love the blog makeover by the way. :)

Esther said...

those are so great! and you so crack me up!

The Wright's said...

Made the last two comments up?! That's hysterical. LOVE the work you do. But you already know that!