Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Feeling the Love

We went to Henrieville for Memorial weekend. Here's a look at some of the great times we had. Photos courtesy of Sandy Johnson, aka Mama.

Lots of buddies:
Memorial weekend 2010 062

I love this photo:
Memorial weekend 2010 057

What a cutie:
Memorial weekend 2010 054

Could they be any sweeter??
Memorial weekend 2010 080

Naptime. Maddie flipped and flopped for six minutes straight and two seconds later she was snoring. It was pretty awesome.
Memorial weekend 2010 091

Look at those baby blues:
Memorial weekend 2010 090

Esther did a photo shoot with the Albrecht kids. I'm fairly confident this one will not be framed:
Memorial weekend 2010 087

This guy was so snuggly. Definitely one of my top ten moments of the weekend:
Memorial weekend 2010 110

It was time for the Sheedys to hit the road, and Sandy wanted one last photo. See that sweet girl who won't let go of me? Is there any question as to why I love her so much? She was ready to climb into the car with me. If it weren't for her darn mama...she put a quick stop to that!
Memorial weekend 2010 111

After all the happy times and great memories, we hopped into the car and drove into hell. I'm not kidding...the drive from Vegas to LA is pretty much the worst drive EVER. So I'm starting a new charity called "Bring Rachie Home". My charity has the completely realistic goal of putting an airport in Henrieville, thereby eliminating the need to make that painful, hellacious drive from Vegas to LA ever again.

Now I just gotta figure out how to keep all the other airplanes from heading to Henrieville and ruining my peace...


Nathan and Esther said...

what a fun weekend we had! i'm pretty sure you could land in the field behind our house!

ang said...

oh! glad you had a good trip home. sorry about the drive back to CA and that you had to leave your little pal behind. guess that means you'll have to come visit again soon. and hit provo next time!

sandy.johnson said...

Come back! We miss you & Hunter! Great pictures & memory!

Zachary said...

Trust me...I fully agree with that drive being described as such. I hated it at times.

Though as to the airport about you just take up parachuting?

Monica Lifferth said...

looks like it was wonderful. I sure love your family. Next time fly into Salt Lake, we can do lunch, then drive the quiet drive to Henrieville. Now this has to be done before July 15th. Okay? :)