Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sights & Sounds

Here's a look at some of the recent goings-on in our world.

Madison playing in the moving truck. She thought it was the coolest thing. I thought it was a poetic scene, considering that if I had it my way I would have kept her in that truck. I miss her every day!

The gorgeous night view from our apartment. When it's a bit foggy at night, the whole sky turns orange and it's quite a lovely sight.

San Diego has both a marine base and a naval base, so there are always cool and exotic aircraft flying overhead. This makes my husband very happy.

One of the things I love about San Diego is that we have both pine trees and palm trees. It's a bit of home mixed in with the exotic. This is the pine tree in front of our apartment.

Hunter captured this cool shot of the moon:

Hunter's hobbies were the last thing to go into the moving truck in SLC, and the first to come out when we arrived here. We promptly filled up the master bedroom floorspace with toys. Lots and lots of toys. I love this guy!

Speaking of toys, we live in flying paradise. There are tons of places for Hunter to fly his planes and the weather is always right. Kinda makes me wonder how we survived Utah for so long.

We are so happy to be here. I admit that I'm going through some serious Madison withdrawals...not to mention my thirteen other sweeties and their mamas. I'm definitely grateful for facebook, blogging, cell phones and video chats right now. And I swear someday I will convince at least one of these buddies to join us out here. Now that we're here, I cannot fathom turning this down. We love it. We love the weather, the fresh air, the beautiful flowers everywhere...we even love our jobs! Boy do we love our jobs. I cannot believe how revitalized I am from this much-needed change. San Diego is proving to be a great place for these Sheedys. :)


Smiley Family said...

I am so glad you guys are so happy! Fresh air and sunshine sounds nice right now. Even though it is warming up here, it isn't quite the "shorts and t-shirts" weather that you are enjoying! And I am glad you love your jobs. Sounds like everything is going well. You may not miss Utah, but Utah misses you!

Zachary said...

I'm jealous! But very happy for you! Good for you!!

Esther said...

i'm glad you are happy also. If you had to move so far away at least it made you happy!

Esther said...

p.s. that moon picture is totally awesome!

Monica said...

I'm glad that all is going well. I hate that you're so far away though. :)

The Carter Family: said...

You sure are trying to tempt us to come and visit you, huh? We miss you but that is awesome that your jobs are so great!!

The Wright's said...

What a glorious post! But it doesn't make me miss you!

Have fun in the sun for me!

Gretch said...

I'm so glad you guys are loving Cali and your jobs! That is awesome. I'm sure your going to be having a lot of visitors!