Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello, California!

Boy has it been a crazy, hectic March. And February, for that matter. The good news is that I am slowly getting established in my new life as a Californian. I'm digging my way through boxes and getting used to sharing much closer quarters with Hunter...we have a lot to do before we are truly settled in. But we are fine with that, and you know why? Because we love it here! Absolutely love it. 

In case you're not convinced, take a look at this:
This is Hunter's new slope soaring site. In Utah, the best slope soaring is at the point of the mountain. Which overlooks what? I-15. Not exactly brimming with aesthetic qualities. Here's another look at the Torrey Pines Glider Port:
This is a fifteen minute drive from our house. Yeah, we're digging this California business.


Smiley Family said...

Um, can definitely count on a visit from the Smiley family ;o)

sandy.johnson said...
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sandy.johnson said...

Don't get too comfortable there! We want you closer!

ang said...

oh it's beautiful! glad you are liking it!

Esther said...

but does cali have your nieces and nephews?

The Wright's said...

I TOLD you San Diego is the greatest place in the world!!!

Now I just have to convince my husband!