Friday, December 24, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Minute Gift Idea...and a Freebie!

I just returned from a quick business trip to Colorado Springs, CO and realized I still hadn't figured out what to give my co-workers for Christmas. I had several ideas that I'd been tossing around, but none of them really seemed to fit the bill. And then I happened upon the perfect idea. Since great gift ideas aren't always easy to come by, I decided to share this with you. :)

I'll start by showing the finished product:
After finishing the first several designs, I realized they were pretty "girlie" and decided to do a more masculine version as well:
As you can see, this gift requires minimal supplies: a 5x7 acrylic frame (I got mine at Target), post-it notes, and cardstock + printer. Of course, you can always take the digital file to Kinkos and have them print technically you don't even need the last two items.

To start, you'll need to create a 5x7" document in photoshop. Add the papers, title and elements, and print. I used different papers to give each version a unique design, but this is entirely optional.
post it2
post itguy7
After printing, trim the document and slip into the frame. Make sure the frame is orientated will be upside-down from the traditional usage. Add the post-it notes, and you're done!
I've seen versions where the post-it notes were glued to the frame; however, I wanted the notes to be replaceable so I just peeled the paper-backing away and stuck the notes directly to the frame. I was unable to find any post-it notes that actually matched my frame designs, so it might help to purchase your post-its before you design your frames. Then you can choose a matching color palette...brilliant!

Realizing that Christmas is just days away, and in an effort to make this hectic week just a teeny bit easier for you, I am giving away this post-it template. Just click on the image below (or click here) to download. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Adventures of Flat Stanley

Have you heard about Flat Stanley? I think I first heard about him on a friend's blog. He's a pretty cool guy who happens to be flat and generally travels by envelope. He helps kids with literacy, social studies and geography, to name a few subjects. Apparently my nephew Braxton had his own Flat Stanley last year, but I was not made privy to this fact. Well this year Flat Stanley decided to buddy up with my nephew Ryker. And Ryker had the brilliant idea to send him to Hunter, so he could see the world. Or at least, America...via the vast network of interstates and highways.

Stanley's adventures first began about two weeks ago, when he hopped on an airplane and flew home with me. Since then, he met up with Hunter and made himself at home in the truck. He's traveled to California and then back to Utah, and even went to dinner with some awesome Lifferths! If you're interested in following his adventurous life, you can check it out here.

Pretty sure Ryker's Flat Stanley is the coolest Stanley in town.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

So Thankful

I just returned from a week in Utah and a road trip home with my honey. It was an unexpected, amazing holiday. I intend to provide you with the details, but I'm starting with a scrapbook page. This page sums up the most important part of my Thanksgiving story. Check it out (click for credits):
miracles copy

The journaling reads as follows:

Miracle One: It began on Sunday, Nov 21, when I realized Hunter would not be home in time for Thanksgiving. This meant I would be alone for the holiday, and I was not thrilled. The next morning I happened to mention this sad fact to my sweet sister Sarah and she proceeded to buy me a plane ticket. I was home-bound the very next day! I couldn't have been happier.

Miracle Two:  The next day I flew into SLC in the middle of a huge snowstorm. I was so afraid my flight would be diverted or cancelled. Amazingly, I arrived safe and sound only an hour later than scheduled.

Miracle Three: Hunter travelled 604 miles in snow and wind, hauling a heavy load, to arrive in Minersville on Thanksgiving Day. I was able to spend Thanksgiving Day with the people I love the very most. It was a perfect day.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I have a fascination with geography lately...I blame this on my traveling husband. I am always surprised by how little I really know about locations and directions; it's embarrassing, really. Geography is one of those subjects for which a photographic memory would be extremely beneficial.

Of course, I am also intrigued by (and jealous of) extreme cleverness. I am amazed at all the incredible things I find on the web; evidence that other people are complete geniuses. I intend to start sharing more of the genius I find, so you all can appreciate it with me. And I have just the thing to start us out:
Isn't this cool?? Click on the image to visit the original site and see a few other images.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Inspiration Everywhere

Check this out...Jessica Sprague is offering another free class! She is an amazing teacher; do yourself a favor and sign up.

Candy Two

This one is along the same lines as my last post. Not quite as graphically pleasing, but definitely geographically informative. Is it weird that I like these maps so much? I could stare at them for hours. Then again, I can stare at actual maps for a long time too. I keep studying San Diego on Google Maps, and yet I still don't know which way is north unless I'm at the beach...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eye Candy

I love this, and had to share. Seriously genius, in my opinion. And seriously talented, too.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Win a Free Photobook!

Wanna win a copy of this photobook, featuring your photos? Check out the Clique blog for details.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Four Years...

...and counting! Four years ago today (which is weird because it was a Tuesday {not Sunday} does that work, anyway?) Hunter and I got up and went to work. Oh ya, and on our way there we got married. He decided to wear his old flannel shirt that I hated so I wore my favorite "grandma sweater" that he hates. (Notice I used past tense for his has since been eliminated. On the other hand, I will be wearing my grandma sweater tomorrow, thank you very much.) And that's the secret to our successful marriage...don't do anything unless you are certain it will drive your spouse insane. It's a tried and true formula that has lasted four entire years. Yay, us!

And since I don't have any recent photos of us together, I will leave you with a video. One day at the beach we discovered some weird squishy stuff on the rocks that squirted when you stepped on them. So of course we had to step on them and take a whole bunch of videos. And most of the videos did not turn you can see from the ensuing video, we are not professionals. Oh, and nevermind Hunter's diseased polka-dotted foot. That was just something he picked up in Cozumel after eating corn slathered in mayo.


P.S. So this video took over two hours to load...which means it is now Monday instead of Sunday. I miss Utopia.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Just wanted to share a few of my latest layouts. Click on the image for credits.
18wheels left
18wheels rt
triple trouble
bits of life
hello perfection
home grown
love your spunk
delicate beauty

Monday, October 11, 2010


Hunter finished his co-driving stint in record time, and last week he finally struck out on his own. He was thrilled to get his own truck, and couldn't wait to show it to me. Here it is, in all its glory:
Can you see the light in his eyes? He is like a kid in a candy store. He is loving every minute of this new adventure...except for the fact that I'm not with him. Or at least, that's what he tells me. ;)

And here's a fun fact: the engine in this bad boy is a Cummins, designed by my very own Uncle Ernie! It's a small, amazing world we live in. And my husband is seeing a lot of it, lately. Aren't you a little bit jealous? I know I am.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Near-Death Experience

Do you see anything wrong with this picture:
No? Well neither did I, until it was almost too late. Let's look a bit closer:

There's a potential danger there, but it's too early to tell. And if you're not expecting anything, you won't see it yet. Well, get ready for the big reveal:
Eeek! There is definitely some arachnid potential going on there. Lucky for you, there is still plenty of distance between us and the large creepy-crawly object. Unfortunately, I did not have the same advantage a few moments earlier.
See how he's definitely under the overhang of the carport? A safe distance from the typical passerby? He's also curled up a bit, getting ready for a nap or something. Again, this was not my original experience. When I first encountered him, he was more the size of this:
And he was dangling in mid-air, well away from the carport overhang. He was shoulder height, smack in the middle of the sidewalk. And I didn't see him until I was literally two inches away. TWO INCHES. Not only that, but he was not curled up. He was stretched to his full size, which is anything but small.

After I realized how close I came to having this guy as body jewelry, I ran home as fast as I could and hopped in the shower. 

Half a bottle of soap and several paper-bag breathing treatments later, I grabbed my camera (with the awesome zoom lens so I wouldn't have to endanger my life again), and documented the evidence for all to see.

It was a very close call.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life + Art

Remember these photos that I took a few months ago? Well, I had an ulterior motive when I took them. You see, I needed to create an art project for my sister Ruth's new house. I used Amanda Taylor's awesome template set (lest you think I'm more talented than I really am) to create this:
and this:
I then uploaded the photos to Winkflash, where canvas prints are currently 40% off. The result was this:
Ryker's birthday 2010 023
and this:
Ryker's birthday 2010 020
Granted, I haven't seen the results myself. My mama was kind enough to take the pictures of the canvas prints for me. As you can see, there was a bit of glare on the prints at the time so it's a bit difficult to determine the quality. However, the following testimonials ought to give you some idea of whether this was a successful endeavor:

"Best. present. ever! Seriously!" -Ruth Carter

"Amazing!" -Sandy Johnson

"You are the most talented, beautiful, smartest person I know." -Becca Albrecht

"You are way cooler than my mom." -Kenzie Carter

Okay, I confess. I made the last two up. Nevertheless, I'm still pretty excited about this project. And of course, the best part is the completely adorable subjects I was able to work with. I sure love those girls!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Not a News Flash

I got a new camera. It's pretty cool, but the thing I am most excited about is the new lens I just got for my new camera. I've been trying to take photos with a narrow depth of field for a while now. My previous camera/lens camera did not have the smaller aperture I really wanted, so I could never attain the results I wanted. Well, now I can...woohoo! And while I know this is not a news flash, I'm pretty gosh darn excited about it. Check this out:
Look at that gorgeous blur. It makes my heart so happy! Here's another one:
Check out that awesome can see my reflection in it! I love it. I will leave you with one last image:

So yeah, I'm a nerd. But I'm a happy, photographing nerd. :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beach Bum

I can't believe it has been over a month since I last blogged. Well, I happen to have a good excuse. I was too busy hanging out here:

and here:

and here, here, and here:

It's okay to be jealous.

Especially if it means you'll come visit.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Going Home

Hunter and I spent last weekend in Utah. We really enjoyed visiting with family and friends. We have the most wonderful people in our lives! I want to give a shout out to my super amazing sisters and their great families. It was also fun to meet up with our friends the Hadleys, the Jacksons, and the ever-awesome Barkers. I love these guys.

Here are a few of the highlights/important lessons from our trip home:
  • The traffic is a thousand times worse when it is a holiday weekend. Fortunately, this was not a holiday weekend.
  • Babies and toddlers change a LOT in five months. It also takes a few hours to remind them who their favorite aunt is. The good news is that they can usually be reconvinced. ;)
  • Kazie, Kasia and Kenzie put on a mean fashion show. 
  • Addi loves to be held. Especially by Aunt Rachie. I am more than happy to comply.
  • Becca makes some mean tacos. Yummy!!
  • Ruth's house is beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished product!
  • Kazie loves my new hair. Sadie prefers it the old way.
  • Madison randomly adds "ing" to some of her words. For example, sometimes she is "colding" and other times she is "hoting". It's a pretty cool trick that I may have to adopt.
  • Sarah made the BEST strawberry dessert. I'm thinking about visiting her again just so I can eat some more.
  • Five days is definitely not enough time to see everyone.
Oh, and of course I have photos! Beautiful photos of some of my favorite people. Enjoy.
reagan, addie, and company 197
reagan, addie, and company 187
reagan, addie, and company 164