Monday, March 30, 2009

More Projects

Actually, it's the same one. I just wanted to sound more important. LOL! Here are the latest installments in the Project 365 issue...I know you've all been holding your breath in anticipation. :)
mar2 right
mar1 left
feb4 right

I think that's pretty much all I have to say for now. This crappy weather is really bumming me out. I'm completely over these head games Mother Nature has been playing the last few weeks. Can't it just be summer already? I mean, really!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Best Time Ever!

I love our annual Ruby's Inn Retreat. It is so nice to get away, but it's even better to do it with 90 of your best friends...who also happen to be family. Life is great when you have a cool family!

Hunter and I headed to Henrieville on Wednesday, after work. Our pile of toys:

We spent most of Thursday in Henrieville with the Rigbys. The boys went adventuring while I had to deal with a work crisis...on my vacation! What a rip. My dad took Nathan and Hunter to Sheep Creek:
Wow. I sure love southern Utah!

On Friday Hunter and I drove around Tropic Reservoir. Later, the Carters and Albrechts arrived, as well as most of my other relatives. The fun was in full swing!

On Saturday, Hunter went hiking while I hung out with my sisters. I joined Hunter in Tropic later, where he and many others played baseball. They had a lot of fun and I took about a billion pictures. LOL! I also decided I really need a zoom lens.
You have to look carefully at that last pic...can you see what Sandy is doing? That's right, she's covering the infield while talking on the phone! Only Sandy, lol!

The Bradshaws joined us on Saturday, which was a nice surprise because they originally weren't going to make it. For about an hour or two, my mama had all her daughters and grandkids with her! We seriously have the cutest buddies!

Man, I would sure love to do this again next week!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

See Rach

See Rach defy death.

See Rach before she eats it.

See Rach after she she fell on her %&*#.

See Rach call it a day.

(No Rachies were harmed in the making of this blog post. At least, not physically.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

New Wheels

I think they look better on the floor than on my feet. When they are on my feet, well, death is nearby just waiting for the fatal move. Yikes. But...I'm gonna give it a fair shot. It looks like fun...why do I have to be such a nervous nellie??

Hunter, of course, is a pro.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


090310_0655 bday
Yesterday was Reagan's birthday...but I totally forgot to post it. Sorry, little buddy...I still love you!

In other "news", I completely redid my Project 365 layouts. Here are a few of the latest:
feb3 left
feb2 right
feb1 left
jan4 right

I babysat Maddie today while her parents spoke in church. She's been sick so I stayed at home with her. She is such a hoot! I tried taking some pictures of the two of us, and for some reason it was really cracking her up. Maybe because her aunt is such a weirdo? Lol!
090315_0710 copy
Can you see that sparkle in her eye? She thought it was a riot. I love this kid!!

Edited: I used four templates by Anna Aspnes to redo my 365 layouts. You can find them here, here, here and here. I saw a layout in Designer Digitals' 365 gallery that I really liked, and decided to use that as my inspiration. I was getting frustrated with my old theme, and wanted to do something that was a bit more graphic design-ish as opposed to scrapbook-ish, if that makes sense. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I wrote another article for the Shutterfly Storytelling blog. You can check it out here.