Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hunter and I travelled to Texas for Thanksgiving. It was my first time going to Texas...can you believe it?!

We left on Monday, November 23rd. It had snowed the night before, and SLC looked beautiful as we were leaving.
Hunter planned a rather unusual route, which took us through Wyoming. That turned out to be not so beautiful, and very very icy. Ugh. However, we did stop in Cheyenne so we could check out the Big Boy. It is aptly named, lol. We ate dinner at the train museum, and Hunter was a happy guy! He loves trains, can you tell? :)
We stayed that evening in Colorado Springs. The next morning, after travelling thru all that snow and ice, our poor car looked like this:
We arrived in Texas on Tuesday, and stayed until Friday evening. We were able to visit with most of Hunter's family, and we had a great time. Here's a look at our Thanksgiving spread:
It was delicious...there wasn't a thing on my plate that I didn't absolutely devour. And love. Hunter's plate, post-dinner:
He loves corn, can you tell? Lol!

Here's a look at the Thanksgiving crew:
merge family
With the exception of our gracious hostess and her family, no one travelled less than six hours to be there! We really enjoyed our visit, and wish we could have stayed longer. The weather in Texas was absolutely lovely; it was nice to enjoy the warmth.

On our way home we crossed the Rio Grande. The last time I was here, I was about 12 years old (I think), and my dad pretended to drop the car keys in the gorge. He claims we all freaked out; I'm pretty sure none of us were fooled, lol.
Did you notice our lovely car? The sad thing is that this is how it looked after we took it through the car wash.

We stayed Saturday evening in Vail, Colorado...and then stopped at Dinosaur National Monument on Sunday. Those pictures to come later. :)

And now, I'm back to work on Christmas projects. Not nearly enough time in the day...I need to take the entire month of December off, from my full-time job. Then I can work on projects full-time; how cool would that be??

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Esther said...

what a weird way to go to texas! who knew that coming from utah wyoming is 'on the way' to texas? I'm glad you had fun though! i wish you could take that much time away from work too!