Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!


The annual Johnson Family Newsletter:

Greetings! We hope this Christmas season finds you happy and well. We have had a busy, stressful, and joy-filled year and look forward to another year of fun adventures. We present to you a few of our highlights:

Esther & Nathan Rigby: Nathan continues his education at the University of Utah, although his loyalty remains True Blue. He was thrilled to welcome a son (and fellow BYU fan) in August. At 8 lbs 11 oz, Ty Nathan Rigby arrived destined for a future in sports. Madison (2 yrs) discovered her love for all things Disney Princess, while Esther has developed a new appreciation for naptime.

Sarah & Brady Bradshaw: The fun never stops at the Bradshaw house! Sadie (6 yrs) started 1st grade and dance, and loves them both! Ayden (4 yrs), Reagan (2 years) and Addison (18 months) are growing like weeds and refuse to slow down. Sarah & Brady have realized that although Tooele is technically in Utah, it’s not as close to family as we expected. Who knows, maybe they planned it this way?!

Ruth & Brady Carter: This year the Carters received the best Valentine’s gift ever: a baby girl! Kiera was welcomed with love (and a little bit of jealousy) by Treyton (6 yrs) and Kasia & Kenzie (4 yrs). She has made herself right at home, and the Carters are loving every minute of it. Treyton, who started 1st grade this year, likes being the experienced older brother. The twins love having a cute baby in the house. Ruth & Brady love bedtime, when peace & quiet are finally restored!

Rebecca & Jed Albrecht: Jed and Becca celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary…is that really possible?! Ryker turned eight and was baptized. He loves horses and being outdoors; he is definitely Jed’s son! Braxton is 9 and smarter than the entire Johnson family combined. Kazie is the youngest teenager in town (she’s only four, but don’t tell her that!).

Jed & Rosana: The Johnsons’ greatest dream came true on October 25, when Jayden Math├Čas was born. Jed & Rosana love having this little sweetheart in their family, and can’t get enough of him! He is a good-natured little buddy who is definitely getting his fair share of attention!

Rachael & Hunter Sheedy: Our big event for the year was our road trip to Alaska! In June we took a few weeks off work and headed north. We travelled the Alaska Highway through Canada to Anchorage, Alaska where we stayed with my former roommate and her family. We had such an incredible time; everything else pales in comparison! Now we are frantically looking for ways to make a living from the road so we can travel full-time. Yeah, we like the sound of that!!

Gary & Sandy: Sandy was thrilled to welcome three new grandbabies this year. She is now the proud grandma of seven granddaughters and seven grandsons! She celebrated by running the St. George Half Marathon and placing second in her age group. Guess that’s one advantage to getting older: less competition!! Gary enjoyed many of the festivities at Zion National Park, which celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. He was happy to finally get the chance to walk through the Zion Tunnel legally, as one of only 300 participants in the Zion Tunnel Walk. He also enjoyed getting together with his good friend and former co-worker at Zion NP, Owen Hoffman.

All in all, it was a wonderful year full of cherished memories. We wish you a happy holiday season and a wonderful year to come.

The Johnson Family

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sandy.johnson said...

Thanks for your willingness to use your talent & write our yearly newsletter! You're awesome!