Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Goodies

So, I really wanted to put together a list of gift ideas and resources...but I don't know how to do it without spoiling Christmas surprises. Well I've decided to go with the honor system, and it works like this: if your name is Becca or you are one of my parents (or parents-in-law) you'd better stop reading. Right now. I'm totally serious. If you keep reading this message you will get a computer virus that even Hunter won't be able to fix. How's that for a threat?! Lol!

For the rest of you, I highly recommend checking out She is doing a cool thing called "Gift-A-Palooza", where she showcases a new gift idea each day in the month of December, until Christmas. The best part about this is that two of those gift ideas are mine!! Yippee!!!

So that's where I'm going to start...with the gift I put together for my sister Becca. In case you are wondering why she gets the special treatment, it's because I have her name. Last year I had Sarah's name, and I made this project for her family:It's a 7Gypsies photo spinner, with resources/instructions from Ali Edwards' course at Big Picture Scrapbooking. The project was a lot of fun, and I am pretty sure Sarah liked it. I know Becca liked it, so I wanted to do something similar for her. This year 7Gypsies came out with a new photo display stand, and I wanted to give this one a try. I selected a bunch of photos, and then I used techniques from Jessica Sprague's Brush*Abilities and Photo Editing courses...which just so happen to be on sale right now! This project was a LOT of fun...and seriously one of the easiest projects EVER. I'm sure I could have done more with it, but I really wanted to keep the focus on the photos. Here is the finished product:
Another cute & easy idea I happened upon can be found here. There are two different calendar templates which fit into this desktop calendar holder, available at Ikea:
This project is super-easy because the work has already been done. All you have to do is open the template, drop in your photos, save and print. That's it! I put mine together in about an hour, and I love it so much that I plan to make one for myself. :)

The next idea is great for guys, or anyone who uses a computer at work. Erica Hernandez at Two Peas in a Bucket has a very cool set of templates for a year of computer desktop calendars.

Just clip your papers and photos, add important dates, and save the files onto a cd. I think this is such a wonderful idea...I may have to do one of these for myself, too!!

I have one more idea I plan to share, but it will be revealed on Jessica Sprague's site. Once it is posted there, I will post it here as well. :)

I love fun Christmas ideas...especially ones that are easy, lol. If you have any ideas you'd like to share, feel free to post a link in the comments section.

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