Thursday, December 31, 2009


The best part of Christmas is the AWESOME Christmas break. I mean yeah, I love gifts and Christmas decorations and tons of food. But I could not make it through the rest of the year if I didn't have a much-needed week of respite after Christmas. I cherish this glorious week when I can run to Henrieville and hide from regular adulthood. And I must say, this has been the best week ever.

This year we celebrated Christmas at my sister Sarah's house, with Esther and her family and my parents. After digging into our loot Christmas morning, we headed to Minersville to spend a few hours with the Carters and Albrechts. We stopped in Delta to use the restroom, and I felt really bad for the gas station employee who had to work that day. However, I was extremely grateful she did!

After spending time with Becca and Ruth and their families, we headed on over to Henrieville. My parents and the Rigbys followed suit. Sarah and her kids joined us on Monday, and it's been nothing but chaos and joy ever since. I hate to see this come to an end.

Here's a few photos from Christmas Eve:
Hunter took our truck out and got it stuck. Very stuck.
My dad's old Chevy came to the rescue:
After a month of constant requesting, Maddie finally got to go to the swimming pool.
Is this not the sweetest face?!
The kids loved watching "Hunter's cars". It was pretty cute.
Ty was a big hit with the other kids, too.
We celebrated Sadie's birthday last night; she turns seven on Saturday! I can't believe she's so grown up, and such a beautiful girl too.
The Bradshaws and Rigbys both left today, so we are enjoying a quiet New Years with my parents. It's kinda lonely without all the kids around! But I'm glad we didn't have to leave today. I'm not quite ready to face reality just yet!


Zachary said...

Wow...sorry about the truck. That is an impressive job getting it stuck though!

Nathan and Esther said...

great pictures! I sure did have fun with you guys and sarah and mom and dad! it was a great week.

sandy.johnson said...

Yes, it was hard to have our vacation come to an end! Now it's back to the grind! Thanks for spending time with us! It was an awesome vacation!