Sunday, November 1, 2009

JS Goodies

Jessica Sprague just announced a new {free} class for the holiday season. Check it out:

Also, while you're there...if you just happen to click on "Products by Designer" and then just happen to click on "Orchard & Broome", well at that point you may as well click on "West 4th Collection - Warm". (Or, you could just click on the layout below.) And when you do, you'll see this:

together web

SQUEAL!!! One of my layouts is on a product page for Jessica Sprague!! I feel so special. :)

Special thanks to Owen Hoffman for taking the photo I used in this layout. Yay!


The Carter Family: said...

swaaa-weet!!! You're famous!

Smiley Family said...

I always knew your mad scrappy skills would make you famous! Way to go!

Sandy said...

What a cute couple on a cute background!

Esther said...

will you still remember me when you are famous?