Monday, October 19, 2009

Future Rockstar

Kazie came to town last week, and we had a great time. Lots of shopping, make-up and tea parties were in order. While at Toys R Us, she discovered something wonderful: a Hannah Montana wig! Hannah Montana is pretty much Kazie's hero. During our make-up festival, Kazie wondered if she wore the Hannah wig to the Disney Princesses on Ice show next month, would everyone think she was Hannah?? I told her she's better start practicing Hannah's autograph so she can be prepared. I proceeded to spend the next hour teaching Kazie how to write "Hannah". I've never seen a girl so determined; I think she filled at least 10 pages of paper!

Will Kazie pass the Hannah test? I'll let you be the judge:


The Wright's said...

For sure!! She's a darling rockstar. And you are the perfect aunt. I wish I were as cool as you! ;)

Sandy said...

Kazie has my vote! What a cutie! That was funny making her learn how to spell "Hannah'!

Jen said...

So cute! Addy loves Hannah too! It's so fun to see the girls get so excited about these characters. Sounds like you had a great time. Also, thanks for all the editing on the photos. There are so many that I just love! You're great!

The Carter Family: said...

Don't worry-she has the autograph down pat. I have seen pages and pages of it littering becca's house...soooo funny!!

ang said...

good thing i read your post before i looked at the pics, otherwise i would've thought you had miley over for dinner!!!

cute girl!

Becca said...

That is so funny. Ruth is right. Thanks for teaching her. Now my house is drowning in Hannah autographs....mabye I should sell them on ebay!

Esther said...

oh she is adorable! I think she passed the hannah test with flying colors!