Monday, September 14, 2009


Well, there's been a couple of happenings worth mentioning lately. For starters, we bought a new vehicle! Of course, it's not really new, just new to us...and we love it.

It all started innocently enough; we stopped at the car dealership to have our Mazda inspected on our way to work. Wouldn't you know it, the wait was around an we entertained ourselves by walking around the neighboring BMW dealership. I drooled over the mini-coopers (someday, I swear I'll own one), and we checked out some of the clunkers that had been turned in. Finally we decided to head back over and check on the Mazda. She wasn't parked out front so we walked through the lot to see if we could spot her in the car wash line. Just then she came around the corner, all shiny and we headed back across the lot to fetch her. That's when we spotted the new dude:
It's a 1997 Infiniti QX4. Hunter looked at the price on the window and did a double-take. You see, he used to own a Nissan Pathfinder, which is essentially the same vehicle with different badging. He bought his Pathfinder about seven years ago, and paid the same price for it! We loved Pathy, but had to sell her when she needed an expensive repair. Hunter has regretted that decision ever since.

As fate would have it, one of the car salesmen spotted us and headed right over. Hunter asked him a few questions and before we knew it, we were test driving it! The car is a beaut; it has all the perks including Hunter's favorite: automatic climate control. And the! We just couldn't believe it. Of course, once we got inside the dealership they tried to tack on some extra fees and stuff. Usually Hunter and I are not very good at negotiating, but this time Hunter put his foot down...and we walked out of there with a new vehicle! Holy cow, I can't believe how this worked out. And the best part is that we paid cash, so we own this baby outright. :)
Now we have an extra vehicle to get rid of! Since our Mazda gets the best gas mileage of the three, and we owe more $$ than it's worth (ugh), we have to sell the Suzy. It's pretty sad; we've had an awesome year with her!

In other "news", I've been taking Jessica Sprague's "Beautiful Evidence" class online, and it's been awesome. For one of my assignments, I needed a photo of me and I asked Essie to do a little photo shoot. Here are my two favorites:
Doesn't Madison look like she belongs to us? We would claim her in a heartbeat! Anyway, despite the scary thighs in the first photo, I still love it. It's me and my hubby to a T!! And, just in case you're interested, here is my finished product:

Click here to view this photo book.

Update: for some annoying reason, the image says the photobook has been deleted. It hasn't. You can still click on the link to go to the Shutterfly gallery and view the book.


All About M.E.('s) said...

Beautiful book! I love it! Congrats on the new vehicle-looks like a good buy.

Monica said...

I can't believe you just walked out with it and fully paid? That is really the way to go!

Love love love your book! :)

ang said...

wow!!!!! you guys are RICH!!!!!!!

i like those pictures too!

The Wright's said...

You are amazing. First the Sobe deal - now the car deal!

I LOVE this book. I couldn't read everything so I can't wait to get my hands on it!

When do we get together next? I miss you!

Smiley Family said...

CASH?! Man, you guys are rollin in it!

I love those pics. I think you two make such a great pair :)

Nathan and Esther said...

you forgot to mention the killer car phone that came with car!!!

Becca said...

Sweet ride! Better drive it down south and see how it works.