Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

What a weekend. Hunter and I rode to Minersville Friday night, and it took us an hour and a half to get to south Provo. Ugh. We were wearing all of our riding gear too, which made for a very toasty beginning. However, once we started moving things improved dramatically. We stopped in Delta for dinner and arrived at Becca's house around 10 pm. I was ready for bed!!

The next morning we headed to Beaver with Ruth & Brady, Esther (who had arrived around midnight the night before), Kiera and Ty, and Becca.
We met up with Sarah and Jed (Johnson) in Beaver, and we all headed to Cannonville in two vehicles. Last week we received the awful news that a dear family friend had passed away. Gaylynn Shakespeare was only two years older than me, and although she had a lot of health problems her passing was completely unexpected. Gaylynn and I were great friends when we were really young...after all, our dads were the only two park rangers in Kodachrome Basin State Park, and we were the only two families who lived out there. The Shakespeares are practically family, so it was only appropriate that the entire Johnson family attend her funeral. I am still so amazed that we were all able to make it...I think it's only the third time in about five years that we have all been together.

After the funeral we had to beeline it back to Minersville for Ryker's baptism. This had originally been scheduled for Saturday morning, which is the primary reason we were all able to get together for the funeral...we were already planning to be in Minersville. Fortunately, Becca's bishop was awesome and he allowed her to reschedule the baptism for later in the afternoon. Once again, it was a beautiful service. Ryker was baptized by his Uncle Shay who just returned from his mission in July. It was pretty cool because Jed (Becca's husband) had baptized Shay so he thought it would be appropriate to let Shay baptize Ryker. I think Shay must have had a lot of practice on his mission because it was the most efficient baptism I've ever witnessed. :)
Needless to say, Saturday was quite an emotional day and I was exhausted by this time. However, the kids still had tons of energy and wanted to I gave in and joined them. First we jumped on the trampoline, which is a lot more work when you're *ahem* 28 years old. Then we played some other games like Red Rover and Steal the I used to play with the neighbor kids when I was growing up. It was so much fun! I kinda felt young again, for a few minutes! I sure wish I could do this more often.
Sunday morning, Hunter and I packed up and headed to Henrieville. This time the ride was much much better. It was the perfect temperature, and the perfect duration. Not enough time on the bike to get beat up...just enough to enjoy it. Very nice. While in Henrieville, Hunter fixed my parents' computer and I took a nap. We relaxed and ate Sandy's delicious cooking; it was a wonderful day!
Of course, on Monday we had to ride back to SLC. I was not looking forward to this because I knew traffic would be awful and the ride would be long. We went home via Escalante, Boulder Mountain and Torrey, which is seriously the most beautiful drive. I would do that drive every day, if we could just fast-forward the rest of it! It never fails to mesmerize me.


All About M.E.('s) said...

Sorry to hear about your friend.Very sad. Aside from the funeral, it sounds like a fun-filled weekend. I have said it before, but I'll say it again, I envy you guys being able to escape to beautiful Henrieville whenever you want. Must be nice :)

The Wright's said...

What a fun weekend together (minus, of course, the funeral) Sorry about your friend. How sad.

I hear you on the drive - it took me 1 hour to get from PG to Springville - at THREE PM!! Terrible. You must have been roasting.
Glad you were safe.

ang said...

okay, i LOVE that picture of sandy and gary. love.

Monica said...

Sorry about your friend. Losing someone you care about always puts things in perspective. This life is short. That's why we must spend our time with the ones we love. Looks like you did that. Your family is wonderful. All of them. :)

Smiley Family said...

So sorry. Funerals are always so hard. And, I can't believe it took and hour and a half to get to Provo! That is horrible!! But, it looks like it was worth the wait!