Saturday, September 26, 2009

Digital High

I'm completely wasted, my eyes are computer-fatigued beyond control and my brain went to sleep several hours ago. But I absolutely have to tell this story before I can call it a day. Because boy, what a day this has been!!

Let's start at the beginning. Creating Keepsakes, a big name in the scrapbooking industry, has hosted what they call "Creating Keepsakes University (CKU)" for several years. It's a two-three day convention for scrapbookers to get together and take classes, create layouts, and mingle with/learn from the experts. I've never been a traditional scrapbooker so of course I've never attended CKU. And then I heard about the Digital Scrapbooking Experience (DSE). Basically it was CKU for digital scrapbookers...and the first one ever would be held in Provo! How cool is that?! Yeah, I definitely wanted in. Especially when my rockin' digi-scrap cousin Monica said she'd go too. Yeah, we were totally looking forward to this.

Well DSE kicked off on Thursday. We were so excited to meet some of our digi-heroes; mainly Anna Aspnes and Jessica Sprague. If you know anything about digital scrapbooking, you probably know about Jessica Sprague. She offers digital scrapbooking courses online, and she is an INCREDIBLE teacher. I should know, I've taken every single one of her classes. As for Anna Aspnes, she is one of the most brilliant designers in the industry. Not only is she extremely artistic and gifted, but she's also from England so she's ULTRA-cool! Really, I could listen to that accent forever. So yeah, Monica and I were star-struck. Here we are with Anna:
And with Jessica:
Do I look giddy? Because yeah, I was giddy. These guys are superstars, and I felt like the biggest groupie! It was very cool, to say the least.

So today, we were so excited to have a class with person for a change! She had us make a layout using this template, which she designed:
After class, Jessica happened to see my layout (made using this kit):
She loved it! I thought she was just being really nice...until she asked me if I am on any creative teams. I'm not, and mentioned that I was definitely interested. My heart started thumping as I realized she was probably going to ask me to apply!!! Wow, could there be a better compliment in the world, than this one right here??? So imagine my surprise when her next words were, "You're in". No application process, no thousands of talented folks to compete with...bam! Just like that I'm on the job. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I was absolutely floored. In fact, I'm still floored. And honored. And thrilled. Completely, utterly thrilled.

I'm sure many of you are wondering what the heck this even means. Since I've never been on a creative team, I'm kind of curious,! I can give you the basic run-down though. Both traditional and digital scrapbook product designers have creative teams, and the intention is for the team members to use the scrapbook product in a creative and attractive way. So for example, at there is a digital supply store, where you can purchase digital papers, templates and kits. As a creative team member, I will get {free} access to these digital supplies, sometimes before they are released on the site. I will use these products to create my own digital scrapbook pages, and these pages will be posted on the site to promote the product. So it's a mutually-beneficial relationship, and everyone goes home happy. Especially me. :)

So I've been rambling forever and I really need to close my eyes...but before I do, I have one last super-happy thing to share. DSE also hosted a digital layout contest, and gave prizes for the best journaling, best photography, and best something else that I don't remember. Then they gave a prize for the best layout. I kinda won. For this layout, which I really love (click the image for credits):
I have to say the only reason I won the contest is because Monica didn't turn in her page. So I would like to thank Monica for giving me this chance. It was the icing on my already kick-arse super-happy day. Tonight I shall be sleeping with a smile on my digi-geek face. :)


All About M.E.('s) said...

Sounds like a very fun weekend and a super exciting one for you. I look forward to seeing your layouts displayed all over Jessica Sprague's website. Congrats!!

Monica said...

Yay!!! You just got me all excited again. It was a fabulous day. AND you won because you are awesome. Don't be silly. Yesterday was awesome. Won't ever forget it.

The Carter Family: said...

That is sooo cool! I'm sooo proud of you!! (I'm looking forward to saying...I knew Rachael back when she just joined the team...look at her now!!) And, just think of all the money you're gonna be saving by being a part of the team-AWESOME!!!!!

ang said...

you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Esther said...

that is seriously the coolest thing ever! I always knew you would be discovered one day! Congrats you little digi-geek!

The Wright's said...

I can't say I am surprised - but WOW!!!!!! YEAH for you!! I am so very, very excited for you. I always knew you would go far! I just wish I could go with you!


Sandy said...

Impressive! Looks like little Maddie could become famous, too, with all this publicity!

Just don't forget your aging poor parents! LOL!

Johansen Family said...

Congrats, but you are the BEST that is why I look to you for help at digi scrap nights! I am so excited for you!

Brett and Andrea Evers said...

I am so excited for you!!! That is awesome! You did a great job on your layout. That should be so fun to part of that design team. Way to go!!!

Becca said...

I'm a little late in my congratulations....but CONGRATULATIONS! I'm very lucky to be related to you. Mabye some of the talent will rub off.