Monday, July 6, 2009

Those Damn Buttons

The following refers to day twelve of our journey: Wednesday, July 1st.
ak so day 3
Another day on the road! We had camped at Watson Lake Campground the night before, which meant we were just minutes from the town of Watson Lake. Woohoo, right? The last time we came through here we were not impressed. Well, we stopped at the Sign Post Forest again and actually took the time to look around. I suspect this was entirely because there were a bunch of adventure bikes parked in front, lol. 090701_5581
Anyway, I thought I had gotten a decent look at this place the first time around, but I hadn't realized how huge it is!
I felt so bad that we didn't have anything to contribute. Next time, I will come these folks did. 090701_5580
Hey, they're from Panguitch!!! Wow, what are the chances of that?!

After the Sign Post Forest, we needed grub. We were left with one option: Archie's Fast Food, the same place we ate at on our way up. My stomach was not real happy about the whole fast food idea, but we had no choice. We stuffed ourselves full of grease and hit the road again.

At this point, the Alaska Highway was starting to feel endless. It seemed like we had been driving nonstop for two weeks and it sure didn't feel like we were making progress. I was getting a wee bit road weary. And then we saw a bear. He was a little guy (well, little by bear standards), so we started looking for his mama. We found her:
We proceeded to find four more bears, tons of buffalo, and at least four moose. And something else that may or may not have been a wolf.

We reached Fort Nelson around 6:30 and by this time we were hungry again. I was really looking forward to something healthy, because my body was not happy with all the grease I'd been feeding it. We stopped at Mag & Mel's diner...we had actually eaten breakfast here on the way up. Breakfast was delicious...but dinner was an entirely different story. 090623_4455
For one thing, I'm pretty sure they just pulled in a kid off the street to work the counter. I tried to place my order, and he stared at the cash register for a good ten minutes before he muttered inaudibly "can't find the button". The cash register was one of those kinds that has a separate button for every menu item, and he could not for the life of him find that darn button. He wouldn't make eye contact and kept muttering beneath his breath so I wasn't really sure what was going on. I tried to order something else, but he was still hunting for the first item. Finally, after his tenth "Can't find the button" and my eleventh "I'll take something else instead", he rang up the "something else". Hunter placed his order and then the guy asked if we wanted drinks. Hunter ordered Mountain Dew, Canadian Style (aka caffeine-free), and I asked for a bottled water. The kid rang up the Mountain Dew and gotta be kidding me...he couldn't find the button for the water bottle. He searched for a couple of minutes while the guy behind us stormed outta there. Finally, the kid gave up and said the first audible thing all night, "Water's on me, guys...

I can't find the button."


Nathan and Esther said...

LOL that was great! poor kid was probably guys must have scared him.

The Carter Family: said...

SOOOOOOOOOOO funny!! Poor kid, but even more important...POOR you!!! I HATE waiting for others to do their job when you know that you could do it faster!! Your trip looks like...well, A LOT of driving!!

ang said...

yay you finally got to see lots of bears and they weren't trying to sneak into your tent in the middle of the night!!!

that kid is probably going to have nightmares for the rest of his life about not being able to find the buttons... :)

Sandy said...

How funny! But sad! (ummm...where did I fail as a mother when you wrote the title for this????) LOL!