Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Death March Pays Off

The following refers to day thirteen of our journey: Thursday, July 2nd.
ak so day 4
It was a rough night. As some point, our stinking air mattress gave up the ghost...and we found ourselves sleeping on the rocky, pointy ground. In most forests, I don't think this would be too much of a problem. However, the Canadians like to bring in gravel and other assorted rocks when constructing their campsites. So our bed transitioned from a cozy haven to an unpleasant pincushion in a few short hours. No good. However, it did cause us to get out of bed early...which could be a good thing.

We left our campsite at 7:22 am, and by 8:22 am I was conked out. We made the unfortunate mistake of trying to hit the road without a good dose of caffeine, and we were not exactly successful. Not a big deal for me, but kind of a big deal for the driver. Around 10:30 am he pulled over near some falls to take a short nap. As soon as I figured out what was going on, I woke right up. He rarely gets this tired while driving, so it was enough of a shock to get my blood flowing again. Of course, now he was trying to sleep and I wouldn't stop talking...usually it's the other way around, lol. We got out and took some pictures of Bijoux Falls. Hunter decided he was alert enough to keep going and we were off.
We death marched it to Jasper, and saw one bear before arriving around 5:15 pm. As soon as we crossed into Alberta, we lost another hour.
Finally, we are on good 'ole Mountain Standard Time again! I was really excited to see Jasper National Park, and later Banff. We have been talking about visiting these parks for a couple of years, and wanted to come through when we did our Seattle trip last year but didn't have time. As expected, the place is gorgeous! Jasper is mountainous with beautiful forests and several glaciers. The crazy thing is that the mountains are part of the Rocky Mountain range...the same one that runs through Utah! It's hard to imagine the kind of ground this mountain range covers; it's mind-boggling!
The town of Jasper is quite small and very charming.
It's a bit like Park City, only more rustic and remote. We fell in love with the place. It didn't hurt that there was a large railyard right in the center of town...Hunter was in heaven. We found a hotel room, unloaded our crap, and then headed straight for the trains.
After sight-seeing for a while we grabbed some dinner. What a gorgeous little spot...someday, when the stars align themselves, we would love to have a summer home here! Oh yeah, and one in Girdwood and Ruidoso. We'll spend our winters in Florida, St. George and Seattle. Let's see, how many millions will we need for this? I'd better start a collection fund. Oh and don't worry, we'll make sure there is enough in the fund to bring you guys with us. :)


Zachary said...

Seriously...SO jealous.

Nathan and Esther said...

Those mountains are gorgeous! I will contribute one Madison to the cause...she's priceless!

Mark Nott said...

That was my mission! One of the most beautiful places on the planet huh? I really need to get back there.

ang said...

uh, what about the house next door to us???? geez.