Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camping Maniacs

We went camping last weekend. We went again this weekend too. I guess you could call us camping fools. Our experience last weekend was not so positive...our spot was positively mosquito-infested.
We heard horror stories about the mosquitoes in Canada, and came prepared...I was did not get bitten once during that entire trip. Last weekend? I managed to get bitten about 10-15 times. Yikes! I was not so happy about that.

This weekend we stayed in a different spot, and it was beautiful. There were still mosquitoes, but not nearly as bad...this time I was only bitten twice. We went into the high Uintahs, and had to travel some ATV roads to reach our site. These roads were insanely rough!
The best part about these roads? Very few travellers...we practically had the whole mountain to ourselves!
We pitched our tent next to a little babbling brook, which sounded so pretty as we fell asleep that night.
It was a nice, relaxing weekend. But the story isn't over yet...a few minutes after leaving camp we spotted something in the road up ahead. Hunter thought it was a fox but decided it was too small. We looked closer and realized it was a little dog! Poor little thing looked terrified, too. We stopped and picked her up, and then looked around. There wasn't another soul for miles...what to do?!
We brought her home and named her Suzi.
Of course, we're still looking for her true owners. I've put an ad on KSL and we're taking her to the vet tomorrow...maybe she has an identity chip. Otherwise, I think Hunter has found a new friend!

8 comments: said...

paul says that is the ugliest dog he has ever seen.

ang said...

oops that was me

Zachary said...

I love the fact that almost every camping post has the obligatory picture from behind the Suzuki! Awesome.

Good luck with the dog...maybe you will get to keep it!

Nathan and Esther said...

That is a sweet little dog! I think the picture behind the suzuki is Hunter trying to leave rachael.

Brett and Andrea Evers said...

Geez- there are more rocks on the "road" than off! Poor little puppy! I'm glad you found her. I'm not a all...however, my family has roped me into camping in two weeks. This was a good post to read to get me ready for the adventure. :-)

Monica said...

I hope you get to keep her. I think she is adorable.

The Wright's said...

LOL!! That's great. What'cha going to do if it DOES have an owner! What are you going to do if it DOESN'T?? Good luck either way!

Smiley Family said...

That is one lucky dog to have been picked up by you two! So what is the update?