Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Beautiful Day

The following refers to day fourteen of our journey: Friday, July 3rd.
ak so day 5
Today was wonderful, because we were not in a hurry to get anywhere. We had beelined it to Jasper so we would have an extra day to spend sight-seeing. Now that we had arrived, we were going to take advantage of the light schedule!

We stayed in a hotel the night before, so we awoke fresh and ready for the new day. I am so grateful every time I get the chance to take a shower! We started out the day by eating breakfast at Subway...
Not something I recommend! It was far from being the best breakfast I'd ever had. We continued on to the Jasper Tram. We had to wait about 90 minutes to get our tickets, but it was worth it!
Of course, wouldn't you know soon as we got to the top our camera battery died. There was absolutely nothing we could do about it up there! Darn it all. There was a short hike at the top of the tram ride, and I gave it a valiant effort.
However, the heights were really getting to me. It wasn't on the edge of a cliff or anything; just a gentle downward slope on both sides. Somehow it all combined to give the impression that you were standing on top of the earth...which is cool enough until the vertigo kicks in. I was already a bit nervous from the ride up, and the hike just sealed the deal. Yikes...I like my vistas, but it really helps when I'm in a very secure position behind a guard rail or something, lol.

After the tram ride, we visited Sunwapta Falls.
The power of these falls is incredible; I was amazed at how loud they were. Cool stuff!
We then headed onward to Banff National Park. We stopped to check out some incredible glaciers, cornices and other gorgeous sights along the way.
Eventually we arrived at Lake Louise. It can be summed up in one word: wow!
We went for a canoe ride on the lake. I loved every minute of it...even though it was hard work! Poor Hunter had to paddle three times as hard; my efforts were almost worthless. Good thing I brought him along, lol!
After the canoe ride we decided it was time to head towards camp. We left Lake Louise and headed to Kootenay National Park. And you know what? We finally saw our first grizzly bear. Dangit! I'll be honest, I was hoping they were an urban legend like sasquatch. I mean, as long as I hadn't seen one myself, who's to say they really existed? Unfortunately, I can no longer live in this fantasyland. I saw one, and he was as huge and as scary as I had feared.

Not long after our grizzly bear sighting, we spotted a regular black bear. Yeah, those guys are still scary too! The worst part about that sighting is that this guy was roughly twenty minutes from our campsite. I was saying some mighty prayers as we pitched our tent that night!
Yikes...I've had my fill of bears for one lifetime! :)


Monica said...

Every since that kid got ripped out of his tent, I have a really hard time tent camping. I just worry for my children too much. I liked it better when I was completely ignorant about the wildlife around me.

Love the lake pictures. They are amazing.

ang said...

that lake was so beautiful.

and bears scare the poop out of me.

Nathan and Esther said...

I would be freaking out on top of that mountain also! The view was incredible though. That lake is so pretty! What a great experience to canoe on it. I'm glad you didn't get eaten by a bear.