Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The following refers to day two of our trip: Sunday, June 21st.

We woke up to the lovely sounds of rain outside…so soothing and gentle. Tanna fed us some YUMMY pancakes with the most delicious strawberries. I took my last civilized shower for the foreseeable future {yikes} and before we knew it we were back on the road. We stopped for gas a short while later and then…border crossing! This was pretty momentous because it is the first time either of us have used a passport. I’ve been to both Canada and Mexico before, but this is the first year Canada has required a passport and my Mexico trips were mostly day-trips. I went to Cancun with a school group, so somehow a birth certificate was sufficient. And now here we are, in our mid-thirties and we finally have occasion to use a passport!

At the border crossing, the agent we first spoke with couldn’t have been more than 17 years old…he was young and very scrawny. He asked our purpose for coming to Canada and when we told him we were going to Alaska, he asked if we were camping. Hunter answered in the affirmative and the agent didn’t bother to mask his disbelief. “You fit all your camping gear in the back?” he queried. Hunter informed him that we are experienced campers and travel light…but I don’t think the guy was convinced. He had us park the car and go inside so our declaration could be verified. I think he just wanted to see for himself how it was done, lol. The whole process took about twenty minutes, and we were finally on our way again.

Our first impressions of Canada were quite favorable. The clouds were low and misty, and the mountains were very green. We were awestruck. After travelling about an hour through the gorgeous sights, we spotted a few signs for “Bridal Veil Falls”. We couldn’t resist…and boy am I glad we didn’t! It was a short five minute walk from the car to the falls, and it was incredible! Not only were the falls amazing, but we also saw a banana slug, a millipede, and some shelf fungus. Weird, foreign stuff to us Utahns!

After checking out the falls we decided we were starving, and stopped at a local diner for some chow. What a fatal mistake…we ordered and then had the misfortunate of listening to some insufferable new mother talk endlessly in exquisite detail about her new daughter. I know more about this baby girl than I do any of my own nieces and nephews, because our meal took one hour to arrive, and this woman talked about her baby the entire time. Now I love babies, and I’m particularly partial to the ones I see on a regular basis…but I don’t care how cute the child is, during a one-hour conversation you gotta change the subject at some point! Especially when the child is roughly a week old and doesn’t even do anything yet…how much can there possibly be to say? When our food finally arrived, we pretty much inhaled it. We were so anxious to get back on the road that we couldn’t waste any time chewing, lol! We lost a good 90 minutes at that place, darn it all.

We made one stop for gas before finally arriving at Ten Mile Lake Campground about 8:20 pm. Hunter pulled into the first empty spot he could find. I tried to persuade him to keep going, to try and find a spot that was further from the crowd, but he was done for the day. Poor guy has been driving for three days straight…he was starving and stressing about arriving too late and when he found a site that was it…he was finished. He opened the car door and jumped out…and then quickly jumped back in and grabbed the bug spray. We’ve been warned in every book and travel guide that the Canada state bird is the mosquito, and sure enough we had a swarm ready to greet us! Yikes. We promptly sprayed ourselves with 40% deet from head to toe. They pretty much left us alone after that, thank goodness.

Hunter pitched the tent, we ate dinner, and then went for a walk.
Hunter brought his cute little RC plane, and we walked down to the lake. It was a pretty sunset and I snapped a few pics.
We walked back to camp and crashed. Actually, Hunter crashed while I read. It didn’t get completely dark until about midnight, and then it seemed to get light around 3-4:00 am. The light itself wasn’t too bad, but the darn birds couldn’t seem to figure out that they were supposed to remain asleep. They chattered and hollered at each other all night long. The ravens were the worst, because those guys are not quiet. However, I still managed to get a fair amount of sleep; thank goodness! And more importantly, my driver did as well. :)


Jen said...

The diner story made me laugh...lol! What a great trip! I can't wait to hear more.

Monica said...

This is so exciting! Seriously, I love following along. Great job on keeping up.

So did you ever find any wandering earwigs in your car? Eeek. That would totally freak me out. I hate earwigs.

Can't wait to see more!

Nathan and Esther said...

I'm glad you are having a fun trip! That banana slug looked gross!

The Wright's said...

Go on - go on!!! I LOVE IT!!

Had to laugh about the baby story. You should have taken out your camera and asked if she wanted you to take photos. That would have eaten up your time waiting!

Did you have any more earwigs? Is Canada's official bug really the mosquito? Glad you brought repellent. And I am still laughing at the customs guy's disbelief! How funny.

Can't wait to hear more!

Jess said...

Oh my gosh! Those pictures are so beautiful!