Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Seattle, Here We Come!

The following refers to day one of our trip: Saturday, June 20th.

We awoke pretty early, thanks to the many sweet children in the campground. It was good though, because we had a lot of ground to cover today! We tore down camp and Hunter made a gruesome discovery…the sleeves which hold the tent poles were filled with earwigs!! DISGUSTING! He used the air pump to blow some of them out, but there were so many that it quickly become apparent most of them would be making the next leg of our journey with us…ugh. Earwigs really gross me out!
Nonetheless, we packed up camp and hit the road.

A few hours later we reached Baker City, Oregon. Immediately we saw two Mazda 3 hatchbacks exactly like ours! It was kind of eerie. We filled up the car and then ate at some little Mexican restaurant. Yum!
Later that afternoon we stopped in Pendleton, Oregon, to hit up the local Walmart. We needed a few last-minute items and wanted to stretch our legs a bit. It was a nice diversion…and then it was back to the car for us. One more gas stop and then, finally, we reached Arlington, Washington. Yay!
We were so excited to visit Aunt Tanna and stay with her family for the night. Tanna is so much fun, and has the cutest family. She took us on a little tour of the city, where we saw some of the local novelties such as the haunted house, the creepy “watcher tree”, and the spooky park. We also saw some gorgeous yards and a cool lake, so not everything there is sinister (lol). Unfortunately, we didn’t think to take a camera with us on the tour…so we’re just gonna have to come back.

We picked up an extra hour today, since we crossed time zones. Needless to say, by the time we hit the hay we were pretty hammered. Sleep came quickly for both of us, and we slept like the dead.

It was a great day.