Friday, June 26, 2009

Day Three

The following refers to day three of our journey: Monday, June 22nd.

Our first bear sighting! I just caught a brief glimpse of dark, but Hunter actually saw it. My friends Marc and Ann, who live in Anchorage, saw about 12 bears when they made the drive around nine years ago! I wonder how many we’ll see. I’m just hoping we don’t run into any unless we are safely tucked inside the car, if you know what I mean. I certainly don’t want to run into any of those guys at our campsite! Yikes!

Anyhoo, we broke our rainy streak last night…the campsite was dry as a bone. And actually, I think we were both a little bit relieved. It certainly makes cleaning up a lot easier! Before we knew it, we were back on the road again. We stopped for “brunch” in Prince George, and several hours later made another stop in Chetwynd. We finally reached Dawson Creek around 4:30 pm…this was a huge milestone. We had been highly anticipating this stop; both of us expecting a cute little town nestled in the mountains. We were sorely disappointed! The town is actually quite run-down and dumpy looking, without much charm. Dawson Creek is the official beginning of the Al-Can Highway, so I expected it to be much more of a tourist spot. It was quite a letdown…although we were still super excited to officially begin the infamous Alaska Highway.
Can you believe it has taken us four days of driving to get to the beginning of this notorious road?! As I sit here in the passenger seat watching miles and miles of Alaska Highway stretch out in front of me, I still can’t believe I’m doing this!
So few people ever get the opportunity, and yet here we are! This is something Hunter and I talked about doing from the very beginning of our relationship, although we anticipated doing it on the motorcycle, over a three-four week time period. Nevertheless, whenever we discussed it I imagined we would be about 50-something, riding a Gold Wing. I just absolutely cannot believe we are doing this right now!!! I feel so incredibly lucky, and grateful. :)

We continued to travel for hours and hours, finally reaching our campsite around 8:00 pm. For some reason, I had been expecting this campsite to have showers…they didn’t. The campground was pretty sorry, according to my standards. It was basically a long strip of RV campsites stuck right next to each other. We did manage to find one decent tent spot at the very end, and fortunately there was only one other camper (an RV) in that area. I was totally dejected…I had been really looking forward to a nice, hot shower. Hunter felt bad for me and promised we could stay in a hotel the next night, so I felt a little bit better.
Once again we had some mosquitoes to deal with. We layered on the repellent and I have yet to get bitten (knock on wood). We had dinner, went for a walk, and then called it a night. It was getting chilly fast, so we burrowed down for a cold night. It never did get completely dark, as far as we could tell…we just had a very long twilight.
By the time we arose at 7:30, it had been light for hours! I thought it was much later than it actually was, which is the only reason I got out of bed. :) It was warm and sunny, too! I couldn’t believe how warm it got, after being so stinking cold at night. I thought that only happened in the desert, lol. It makes it easier to get out of bed, that’s for sure.


Nathan and Esther said...

I'm a little jealous that you are making this awesome trek! Soak it up and take lots of pictures!

p.s. kudos for getting up so early!

All About M.E.('s) said...

I look forward to your updates. Reading about your daily adventures is the next best thing to doing it myself. Are you writing this real-time? If so, enjoy your hotel room and hot shower tonight!

Sandy said...

Thanks for your updates! Keep 'em coming! Beautiful scenery! It reminds me a lot like Fortine, Montana!

Monica said...

Okay I'm sold. I am taking that trip someday. I love love love your updates.