Saturday, June 20, 2009

And...We're Off!!

Our long-awaited trip has finally arrived...woohoo! We are about 32 hours into the journey and so far it has been wonderful. We left about 2:00 yesterday afternoon, and drove to Idaho. After driving for several hours, Hunter saw some signs about some falls, and decided to check them out. I humored him...what choice do I have? Well I must say, it's a good thing I brought him along:
Um, wow!!! This breathtaking spot is called
Shoshone Falls...and I can't believe I've never heard of it before! It is seriously amazing here. With all the rain we've had lately, the water level is pretty high and the falls are even more spectacular. We were both floored. My husband sure knows how to find these treasures, doesn't he?!
After this incredible detour, we headed on to our campsite at Glenns
Ferry. The campground was quite large and most of the other campers were in RVs and had at least eight kids and three dogs. Needless to say, it was noisy. It was green and pretty though...can't complain about that!
Needless to say, it rained on us during the night. We have not slept a single night in this tent without getting rained on! Fortunately, as I've mentioned before, we are big fans of sleeping in a tent, in the rain.

Oh, and I should also mention that as soon as we bedded down Hunter busted out a movie, and I broke out my book...both on our handy-dandy electronic devices, of course. I was reading an Agatha Christie novel on Hunter's GPS device, and near the end I kept nodding off. Then the culprit was revealed, and I was so surprised that it woke me right up! I never have been able to solve her mysteries...I think that's why I love her books so much. Ha ha, what a nerd. :)


Smiley Family said...

I CAN NOT WAIT to see all your photos from this trip! Already you have some beauties!!

Sandy said...

You mean you can download books on a GPS? Amazing!

We hope you have a great trip...and return home soon. Already you are missed, even though we don't see that much of you. I guess it's just the thought that you are further away!

Thanks for the awesome photos!

ang said...

wow. can't wait to hear more!!

Nathan and Esther said...

Those falls are amazing! thanks for the pics.

p.s. yes you are a nerd!lol

Gretch said...

WOW! What an AMAZING trip!!!
B-E-A-U-T-F-U-L pictures!

Yay, I can say I've been to 2 of the places you were at, Shoshone Falls- near where Jason grew up. The falls are spectacular. And Aunt Tanna's-always a fantastic host!

Glad you had a fabulous time!!