Monday, May 18, 2009

New Ride

How do you like this bad boy?
Yeah, it's not ours. LOL! But we rode it anyway, to American Fork canyon. Which was absolutely lovely.

We had eaten at Subway right before our ride; when we stopped to enjoy the view I kindly informed Hunter he had mustard on his shirt. He kindly set me straight.
Yuck. We continued on up to Tibble Fork Reservoir:
What a view! It was a great ride, and I'm so glad the weather is finally conducive to day-trips. It was different being on two wheels accompanied by so much chrome...we experienced our first ever Harley wave as a result! Normally, on our
cute Wee, the Harley guys do not acknowledge our presence. Pretty funny if you ask me.

We returned the beautiful
Suzuki Boulevard to its proper owner (thanks, Britton!). It was cool to try something different, but we are definitely more comfortable on our Wee. We should be; together we've put over 28,000 miles on that buddy! In less than three years! Wow.

And now I'm going to comb my hair. Long hair + motorcycling = one big knot on my head. I think it's time for a haircut!

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Monica said...

Gorgeous pics as usual. I am amazed at how brave you are. I've gone on a few rides on a scooter and I'm scared the whole time. I'm kind of a wimp that way. I think it is the 2 4-wheeler accidents I was in as a teen.