Monday, May 11, 2009

Love My Mama

Saturday at noon Hunter and I were eating breakfast. Yes we slept in late...back off!! Lol. My papa called me and informed me he was grilling T-bone steaks in 80+ degree weather with bright, sunny skies. "You should be here", he said. Six hours later, we were.

We hadn't planned to go home for the weekend because we had a major software upgrade at work, and needed to spend Friday night/Saturday testing the system and making sure everything was running smoothly. By the time my papa called, I had already done the majority of the testing and realized anything else that needed to be done could be accomplished in Henrieville. I just needed the internet; my location was irrelevant. So, with papa's persuading we went running out the door!

We arrived in Henrieville around dinnertime (hey, we know how to work these things). We had some yummy pizza and Hunter proceeded to pitch our tent. He had just purchased this tent for our upcoming Alaska trip (more details to come) and we wanted to test it out.
We then went to the Henrieville Reservoir so Hunter could run his boat. We have walked to this site numerous times, and Hunter always wishes he had a boat. Well, his wish finally came true!
The coolest part, however, was still to come. There was a full moon Friday night, so of course the Saturday moon was just barely less than full. Knowing we would have sufficient moonlight, we went with my parents to
Bryce and hiked the Navajo Loop. I used to do this a lot in college; after working at Ruby's Inn a big group of us would head to Bryce and hike this trail by moonlight. It is seriously cool; I still can't believe how well lit the trail is once the moon comes up. We tried to get some shots of the moon, but without a telephoto lens there was no hope. I did get this shot during the hike:
I had a lot of fun. We had some great conversations and I love that my husband and parents get along so well.

The next day was Mama's Day! I'm so glad I was able to spend this day with my mama. She is such a cute mama and her friendship means the world to me. This is Sandy with her mama's day gift:
I love this woman. I had such a wonderful day with her and my dad; sometimes I marvel that I could be related to such cool people.

While I attended church with my parents, Hunter the Rebel went exploring. He headed to Powell Point, but encountered quite a bit of snow so he wasn't able to summit. He took some incredible shots, as usual:
After Hunter returned, we went to another reservoir he found a few months ago...that I had never heard of. He's seen more of Henrieville in the 2+ years we've been married than I saw in the 18+ I spent growing up here. He is such an adventurer, and I love that about him.
We were NOT looking forward to going home, so we stayed in Henrieville until around 8:00 pm. We stopped in Salina for dinner, and arrived home around 2:00 am. Which makes this next picture even more remarkable:
Yes, that is 7:23 AM!!! We were in the car, headed for work at this time. It was nothing short of a miracle, so I documented it. It was a brutal return to reality, I must say.

So even though it was a whirlwind trip to visit my parents, it was most definitely worth it. Yesterday was such a perfect day; I'm so glad my dad made that all-important phone call that changed my weekend! I love you, mom and dad!


All About M.E.('s) said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. I love how spontaneous you guys are! The only thing that doesn't sound fun is getting home at 2 and driving to work 5 hours later. Yikes!!

The Carter Family: said...

That does sound like fun! We don't get to Henrieville very often, and that makes me want to go right now (but, it's not the weekend, so we can't!) Anyways, I heard you might be down over Memorial Weekend? Just wanted to let you know we will probably celebrate the twins' b-day on that Sunday-so there is some extra motivation for you to come!!

Jen said...

What a fun weekend! I love the bag you made your mama. And yes, I am very impressed you were on your way to work that early. That is not the Rachie I know :)

Monica said...

You are such a great story teller. I also love how spontaneous you guys are. Aaron and I reminicse sometimes about how spontaneous we were before kids. We can't just get up and go anymore. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you!

Nathan and Esther said...

You were bringing tears to my eyes! (stupid pregnancy hormones) We do have the best mama. I'm glad you guys were able to go down and spend some time with the parents.

Was Hunter trying to eat that poor horny toad?

Becca said...

What happened to the steaks for dinner...did dad eat them before you got there? Also, Hunter should have brought that frog to Braxton!
Cool trips.

The Wright's said...

Yeah, what happened to the steaks??

Hunter, the rebel..I love it! What a fun weekend. I love your spontaneity! I love that about you guys!

ang said...

i love your mama too!!

Ze Gauchoz said...

I worked one summer on the powell point. There were huge flies all over the place. It was no fun.