Monday, April 6, 2009

Superhero Extraordinaire

I think I'm on to something big! I've been piecing together bits of information, and this weekend I came to a sudden realization: I married a superhero!

This explains everything: his daily rescues (he saves people from IT hell on a daily basis), fear of salad (must be his personal kryptonite), extreme reluctance to get his photo taken (the truth might be discovered!), and his shady past. Okay I made up the shady past part, but you see a trend?!

Case in point: about two months ago I was working frantically on Madison's book when my external hard drive went caput. Or wonky...I'm not sure which. Either way, I had several gigs worth of blood, sweat and tears that didn't happen to be backed up anywhere. Hours and hours of painstaking work that could be replicated but not replaced. Just as I started to hyperventilate, SuperHunter swooped in and literally saved the drive. And the day. And the book, for that matter! It was such a close call that I can hardly bear to think of it.

I gathered further evidence to support my case this weekend. You see, I have been tasked with scanning over a thousand slides. I bought a new slide scanner a year ago for this purpose, and this scanner has been giving me fits. I would scan something that looked like this in the preview:

And yet when the scan was finished, the image would look like this:

Pretty sure that image is completely unusable. And it doesn't make any sense to me, because it showed up just fine in the preview! After scanning about 50 slides and getting 30 usable images, I was ready to cry. I contacted customer support, took the scanner in for service, brought it home expecting the problem to be solved.

It was. At first. Then the evil black images began to return, and I started to lose my mind. What the heck was going on?! Why was this happening? The scanner is just under a year old and I've only used it a few times. It's supposed to be a decent quality scanner, with great reviews. It has just been serviced, and parts had been replaced. What else does it want?!

I was thisclose to buying a new one. I had it all picked out and in the shopping, of course. And guessed it. SuperHunter saved the day AGAIN! He decided the problem was with the software, and presented me with a new software program. I installed the program, fired up the scanner, and voila!
History, and my sanity, saved in one fell swoop. Man, this superhero stuff sure comes in handy sometimes!


All About M.E.('s) said...

What a guy! I think you have solved the case. Good work. Beautiful pics, BTW. Is the last picture your mom? Is that white sand? Where was it taken?

Monica said...

He really is a super hero. I am amazed at his expertise in computers. I need one of those superheros around.

The Wright's said...

I'd say he's worth keeping around for a little while!

Smiley Family said...

I love that my hubby has a little tech-nerd in him! It sure does come in handy and it saves $$$! Way to go Hunter! I hope your project goes well!

Nathan and Esther said...

I'm pretty sure he does have super computer powers. He's saved us more than once!

Sandy said...

Impressive Hunter! We know how to save all of our computer problems for when you & Hunter come & visit us!

ummmm..why did you decide to post that silly picture of me on our honeymoon down at the White Sands, New Mexico. Can you tell by my expression that Dad was teasing me...again, as usual!