Thursday, April 16, 2009


I love having sisters. I especially love having sisters with cute kids...which, of course, my sisters do. So when Becca and Kazie came to town the other day, I was thrilled. We collected Esther and Maddie, and the five of us hit the town. After having dinner with Hunter at the Cheesecake Factory, of course.

In honor of Kazie's upcoming birthday, we headed to
Build-A-Bear. I have never been that big on stuffed animals; never got attached to one as a kid, and certainly haven't kept any as an adult. However, I love Build-A-Bear. Or more accurately, I love taking my cute buddies there. I think the whole concept is so much fun...and the kids have the time of their life. Yeah, I know I'm getting ripped off when I spend $4.00 on a pair of bear leggings...but the big Kazie (or Treyton, or Maddie, or whomever) smile makes it totally worth it. Here is Kazie with her new best friend PatKitty:

I tried to get a pic of my three cute friends together, but Maddie had no time for such boring ventures:

After our shopping excursion, I returned to the hotel with Becca and Kazie. I watched Kazie the next day while Becca attended her conference. Kazie, PatKitty and I played a Dora matching game. You'll never guess who won?
PatKitty, of course! That's one smart kitty.


The Carter Family: said...

I LOVE the kitty! My girls had fun playing with it today too...I'm glad Kazie didn't mind sharing it!

Monica said...

Soooo cute. I love Build a Bear too. We have only been once but it was a lot of fun. Hmmmm. I'm thinking we should go again.

Smiley Family said...

Cute Cute! I have been wanting to Ashlyn there, but I want her to be big enough to really get a kick out of it - that way I'll feel like it was worth the big bucks! And once again I award you with "World's best aunt!"

Sandy said...

How funny to hear the kitty won the Dora game! You must have gotten your money worth on it already!

Thanks, dear Rachie, for your willingness to always help out for babysitters, etc.

Nathan and Esther said...

You forgot to mention that Kazie picked out all of her clothes...and they matched! patkitty looked very stylish.