Monday, February 9, 2009

That Darn Murphy

Question: Does this look like camping weather?
Answer: Well, you tell me. Normally, I would say "no". I might even say "%$&#, no". This weekend, however, I said, "Bring it on". What was I thinking?!

I'll tell you what I was thinking. It went like this: St. George + Sunny + Camping + Sand Dunes=Good Times Had By All. Hunter and I were looking forward to an awesome, relaxing, warm weekend. We even had new buggies that would go perfectly with the surplus of sand there. We booked the campsite and started planning our super-awesome weekend.

As the weekend approached, the weather forecast turned against us. Things did not look optimistic. Nevertheless, as we packed our bags and travelled southward we carried hope in our hearts. After all, living in Murray has taught us that weather forecasts are rarely accurate and most storms phase out before we see any sign of them. Maybe our luck would hold out?

We found a welcome sign at our campground:
It was a bit chilly that evening, but no colder than many of the nights we spent camping on our Seattle trip. It actually makes for some cozy camping, for the most part. Unfortunately, it makes those middle-of-the-night bathroom runs completely miserable. I have no idea how a person can go years without getting up during the night, and the one night she spends camping she absolutely cannot wait until morning! It's a mystery to me.

It rained all night long, and the next morning was still pretty chilly. Hunter was undeterred, and got up at the crack of dawn. I, on the other hand, needed more time in the warm, cozy tent. While I slumbered, Hunter took some pretty impressive photos:
The rain brought with it a bit of flooding, and some impromptu waterfalls. We could hear some of the temporary waterfalls during the night, and once the sun came up Hunter was determined to seek them out. All this water in the rain-starved desert proves to be an incredible sight!
Our campground had showers, and when I finally decided to brave the cold I knew a shower was in order. Let me just tell you, it was not a pleasant experience. For starters, there were no faucets; just a chain that had to be held down in order for the shower to run. So what happens when you have to let go so you can open the bottle of shampoo and wash your hair? No blessed hot water. Instead, freezing cold air. And what happens after you turn the water back on to rinse your hair? That glorious, blessed hot water is no more. It has been replaced by the most evil of all experiences: death by cold shower. I'm pretty sure I have never moved faster than I did during that shower. It was truly brutal.

After the death by cold shower experience, I told Hunter I had to sit in the car with the heater running so at least my hair could dry. I was freezing, to put it mildly. It was the shortest twenty minutes of my life, and I'm pretty sure only about eight of my hairs actually dried. But Hunter knew I would be miserable if I got too warm and had to face the cold again, so we went on a hike. Can you believe I agreed to this? I was actually looking forward to the hike so I could warm up...that's how confused my brain was! Lol! The hike was gorgeous; there were random waterfalls everywhere!
We even encountered a "meandering flood" (not to be confused with "flash flood"...this was moving far too slowly) on the way:
See the beginning of that thing? When we reached this spot on our way back, it was an actual creek that we had to cross! Crazy. We also had to cross it several times on our way to the Three Ponds, and those crossings weren't always met with success.
See my wet ankles? That's what happens when you don't cross successfully.
So ya, the ponds were pretty cool and the hike felt great. I actually warmed up and had to take my coat off for the hike back. The rain even let up for a while; things were looking better and better!

Of course, that didn't last. Just as we were reaching the campground, the rain started up again. The air was quite cold; considerably colder than it had been that morning. And we were both soaked to the bone. We sat in the car and considered our sorry state. The sky was rather cloudy and things did not look to be improving. Hunter agreed that I would never survive another night in the wild and took the tent down. We packed up and headed into town where we would found ourselves a glorious hotel room. On our way, we stopped at the sand dunes and took our buggies for a run. It was a blast; these guys absolutely love the sand!
The buggies were completely covered in mud by the time we were done...and so was Hunter! We found our hotel room and took the longest, hottest shower ever invented. Then we went to dinner like civilized people; we were famished. And finally, we slept on a real bed with the heater running full-blast. It was great.

When we got up the next morning, it was still raining. It had rained all night and the temperature had dropped significantly. But the best part came while we were eating breakfast: snow. In St. George. What are the chances?! I'll tell you what the chances are: .01%. Unless the Sheedys are in town, then it's 100%. Seriously, folks.
Well, at least my whining was validated, right?! Anyway, the best part is that we were able to stop in Beaver and have lunch with Becca:

It was a pretty crazy weekend. I guess that's what we get for trying to camp in February, lol.


All About M.E.('s) said...

Oh you are a brave and amazing woman. I was much more adventerous in my younger years, but I don't think that you could pay me enough to camp in a tent in February. I am impressed!! But, at least it sounds like you stayed dry in your tent, which is a defininte plus.
I'm glad that Hunter relented and got a hotel room, you definintely deserved it.
Regardless, it does sound like a fun weekend-just one that I would rather read about that live. Ha ha. :)

Jen said...

You guys are so fun! I loved reading this post. So enjoyable. You are one tough girl...I don't know if I would have even stayed the night. Good memory for you guys!

The Carter Family: said...

Ever since we got our camp trailer, I don't know if I will ever sleep in a tent again! And, stories like this pretty much convince me that I won't! I am super impressed that you survived and the hotel room was probably much more appreciated because of it, right?!! (See you this weekend?!!)

Becca said...

Yes, and the best part about seeing Rachael and Hunter, is they paid for my lunch! Yeah!!! No seriously, the visit was great. Thanks for stopping in.

Nathan and Esther said...

I don't think it was murphy's law that made that happen, I think it was the fact that you tried to camp in the middle of winter...regardless of location. You guys are nuts.

I love the pictures and I'm glad you had a good time regardless of the rain.

Monica said...

I love living vicariously through your blog. I only wish I could be more adventurous. I love that you two are such travelers. Maybe someday for me.

Brett and Andrea Evers said...

I love those pictures. You are so talented! I love the story too. You guys do some really fun stuff...crazy stuff too (camping in Feb.) I love reading your blog. Are you still doing the photo every day thing? That was fun to see too.

ang said...

at least you got some really amazing pictures!! and a great story to tell! ;)

Jess said...

I'm so sorry you came down on such a miserable weekend. I was so relieved when I read you went and stayed in a hotel. Hopefully the next time you come down it won't be bad weather.