Monday, February 16, 2009

Digi Goodness

I was so excited to learn that Jessica Sprague is now offering templates for sale at her site! I love her templates; they are leagues ahead of the standard templates you'll find at most digi-scrap sites. Better yet, she's even provided a coupon for 10% off your purchase, good until February 28th. The coupon code is: 49HLK326.

Here's a layout I made with one of the two-page templates by Jessica Sprague:
beautiful memories left
beautiful memories rt
Haha, I just realized I didn't ever update the "date here" text on the layout. Whoops!

Even more good news: Designer Digitals is offering a two-for-one special on Shutterfly books. Click here to get the details; you have to purchase your book before March 2nd. This is perfect for me because I'm trying to finish a book about Maddie's first year...and the more I work on it, the more I think I want to keep the book for myself, rather than give it to Messie! Lol! This way I can get two books...if I can only get the darn thing done in time! Cross my fingers...

In the meantime, my computer is NOT cooperating. The monitor has been giving me fits for several weeks now, and the last fews days it has been pretty much unviewable, if that's a word. Here's how it looks now:
Yes, this is a problem. Fortunately for Rachie, the Sheedy household has multiple computers. Praises!


Monica said...

Yes, I saw those templates and thought of you right away. VEry cool. Esther is such a lucky gal. Does she know how lucky she is? I need to get going on M's soon too.

Nathan and Esther said...

i am indeed lucky! I have the best sister ever!

ang said...

when i'm rich i am going to hire you as my personal "memory designer". then you can quit PC. :)

The Wright's said...

Good thing I decided to check your blog today! I loved your dirty then clean Suzy. You guys have such fun!