Friday, January 23, 2009

RC = Rachie's Car

As you are probably very aware, the Sheedys are proud owners of several RC (as in Radio Control) "toys". For Christmas, we acquired a couple more...and these were our FHE project for the week. It was a family project wherein the two of us built our cars side by side...isn't that sweet? Lol. We started Sunday evening:
Several hours later, we took a pie break:
By three in the morning, I was pretty shredded. I had also screwed things up pretty good by that point, and I was hoping it would be magically cured overnight.

The next morning: no such luck. I had to undo the darn thing and fix all of my mistakes. Good thing I have a patient teacher! :) Things definitely look better in daylight:
It's starting to actually look like something!
I decided to paint my car pink, so Hunter would never be tempted to drive it...lolol!
By this time, it was getting late again. But we were so close to finishing!
The finished product!
Don't you love Rachie's new car? Yay!


Monica said...

You two crack me up! I love it. Awesome pink car by the way.

Nathan and Esther said...

I'm tearing up at the thought you two building those cars side by side...(sob!) it's just so sweet!

Anyway your cars are pretty neat...Maddie really likes them, but let's just hope she doesn't sit on any of them!

sandy.johnson said...

Your car is so girlie! Cute! That was a smart move to keep Hunter from playing with it! LOL