Monday, January 5, 2009


No, this is not my Word of the Year. I used up my allotment of self-discipline on my mission, and now find it extremely difficult to engage in any goal-setting type behavior. Instead, I just give myself loose guidelines and reward myself for coming close, lol! Last year I figured that if I could select a word of the year it would be "Awake"...because I was trying really hard to stop taking naps and start finding more energy. I even weaned off Zoloft in an effort to regain some of my lost energy, and was quite surprised at the difference it made. However that experiment failed miserably (let's just say Hunter earned his angel's wings) and consequently I'm drugged again. It's all good; I'd rather be sleepy and happy than wide awake and freaking out all the time! Lol!

Anyhoo, I digress. My whole point is that I got motivated to do a new project that I'm kinda excited about. And who knows, maybe you'll want to do it too?! Monica blogged about her goal to take a picture every day this year, and it reminded me that I had considered doing this last year. Well, I had decided my everyday life is way too mundane to photograph and I would probably forget after a few days, so I threw in the towel before I even began.

Well. Monica stopped by the other day and we discussed her 365 project. I was re-tempted, if that's even a word! She got a kit from Creating Keepsakes, and I decided to check it out. I love it, of course...but it's not currently available. So I put the project in the back of my mind, again.

Until Saturday. Designer Digitals puts out new products every Saturday, and I'm always there chomping at the bit. Well wouldn't you know...Katie Pertiet has started a series of templates for those doing the 365 project! WOOHOO! Right now she has two sets, which you can find here and here. Well this sealed the deal for me. I am officially on board.

I've also decided that if my life is worth documenting on a daily basis, yours is too. So you should join me. If you're worried about it being the fifth of January and you haven't taken your photos this month, never fear. I didn't take one on the first day of the year, and it was sheer luck that I took one on the second. I'm also pretty certain I will forget a day or two here and there...I mean really, 365 days is a lot! But I think that is part of the story, so it's okay! Just make a note and move on. Or start with week two of January and do it through the end of week one in 2010. There are so many ways to personalize the project and make it your own, without putting too much pressure on yourself.

In closing, I have to cite a couple of case studies that really made an impression on me. In one case, my friend took a picture of herself every day for a month. She showed me her pictures and I was really intrigued by the whole idea. Being an adult, there weren't any major changes in her appearance during the course of a month but it was still fascinating to look at. You still noticed the day she had her hair cut, her various moods, and so forth. It was amazing.

In the other case, my friend was pregnant and took a picture of herself (with exposed belly) every day. Well technically her husband took the photo. Again, very intriguing stuff! You don't see the daily changes very easily and yet when you put all the photos together you can watch the metamorphosis. And to have that documented, so it's no longer just a memory but a story that can be cool is that?! If I had a kid, I would take a picture of him/her every day. I would LOVE to see that story!

So, have I convinced you yet? Here's a look at my first page, so you can see how uneventful my story is going to be. Then you can start your own and be grateful you have cuter things to photograph than a computer monitor, LOL!


The Carter Family: said...

Hmmm, it totally sounds awesome..for everybody BUT me! I could never take on something that big, however I am looking forward to seeing your finished product, I bet you are more interesting than you realize!!!

Monica said...

I agree. There is an aspect of your life that I don't have. Oh how I would love an evening to myself every once in awhile to nap, scrap, and just be me. I'm so excited you jumped one board. I saw that template and I knew you would pick it up. :) I can't wait to compare finished albums!

All About M.E.('s) said...

I loved Monica's idea when I read about it, but wasn't too excited about 'regular-old-fashioned' scrapbooking. I'm so glad that they have a digital one. I'm in!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with nap taking?

Jen said...

That is so cool! I love the website so I could do it digitally. You always do the greatest projects.

Becca said...

If I was computer literate I would probably jump in too. The old fashioned kind seems overbearing so I will just watch your talent. It looks cool.

Nathan and Esther said...

that is a HUGE undertaking. Good luck with that...oh by the way do you want to do one for me too?

The Wright's said...

I'm on board! Count me in! (Late, but that's normal for me!)

This year will be over before I know it.

I'm only going to leave one comment for all posts:
I wish I would have known you guys went to the truck show. For some odd reason, I wanted to go but when I mentioned it to Jeff he looked at me weird. 2009 is a year of trying new things - that was one of them! But I didn't go... :-(

Cute Sadie and Cute Addison. You are also a cute aunt!