Thursday, December 31, 2009


The best part of Christmas is the AWESOME Christmas break. I mean yeah, I love gifts and Christmas decorations and tons of food. But I could not make it through the rest of the year if I didn't have a much-needed week of respite after Christmas. I cherish this glorious week when I can run to Henrieville and hide from regular adulthood. And I must say, this has been the best week ever.

This year we celebrated Christmas at my sister Sarah's house, with Esther and her family and my parents. After digging into our loot Christmas morning, we headed to Minersville to spend a few hours with the Carters and Albrechts. We stopped in Delta to use the restroom, and I felt really bad for the gas station employee who had to work that day. However, I was extremely grateful she did!

After spending time with Becca and Ruth and their families, we headed on over to Henrieville. My parents and the Rigbys followed suit. Sarah and her kids joined us on Monday, and it's been nothing but chaos and joy ever since. I hate to see this come to an end.

Here's a few photos from Christmas Eve:
Hunter took our truck out and got it stuck. Very stuck.
My dad's old Chevy came to the rescue:
After a month of constant requesting, Maddie finally got to go to the swimming pool.
Is this not the sweetest face?!
The kids loved watching "Hunter's cars". It was pretty cute.
Ty was a big hit with the other kids, too.
We celebrated Sadie's birthday last night; she turns seven on Saturday! I can't believe she's so grown up, and such a beautiful girl too.
The Bradshaws and Rigbys both left today, so we are enjoying a quiet New Years with my parents. It's kinda lonely without all the kids around! But I'm glad we didn't have to leave today. I'm not quite ready to face reality just yet!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!


The annual Johnson Family Newsletter:

Greetings! We hope this Christmas season finds you happy and well. We have had a busy, stressful, and joy-filled year and look forward to another year of fun adventures. We present to you a few of our highlights:

Esther & Nathan Rigby: Nathan continues his education at the University of Utah, although his loyalty remains True Blue. He was thrilled to welcome a son (and fellow BYU fan) in August. At 8 lbs 11 oz, Ty Nathan Rigby arrived destined for a future in sports. Madison (2 yrs) discovered her love for all things Disney Princess, while Esther has developed a new appreciation for naptime.

Sarah & Brady Bradshaw: The fun never stops at the Bradshaw house! Sadie (6 yrs) started 1st grade and dance, and loves them both! Ayden (4 yrs), Reagan (2 years) and Addison (18 months) are growing like weeds and refuse to slow down. Sarah & Brady have realized that although Tooele is technically in Utah, it’s not as close to family as we expected. Who knows, maybe they planned it this way?!

Ruth & Brady Carter: This year the Carters received the best Valentine’s gift ever: a baby girl! Kiera was welcomed with love (and a little bit of jealousy) by Treyton (6 yrs) and Kasia & Kenzie (4 yrs). She has made herself right at home, and the Carters are loving every minute of it. Treyton, who started 1st grade this year, likes being the experienced older brother. The twins love having a cute baby in the house. Ruth & Brady love bedtime, when peace & quiet are finally restored!

Rebecca & Jed Albrecht: Jed and Becca celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary…is that really possible?! Ryker turned eight and was baptized. He loves horses and being outdoors; he is definitely Jed’s son! Braxton is 9 and smarter than the entire Johnson family combined. Kazie is the youngest teenager in town (she’s only four, but don’t tell her that!).

Jed & Rosana: The Johnsons’ greatest dream came true on October 25, when Jayden Math├Čas was born. Jed & Rosana love having this little sweetheart in their family, and can’t get enough of him! He is a good-natured little buddy who is definitely getting his fair share of attention!

Rachael & Hunter Sheedy: Our big event for the year was our road trip to Alaska! In June we took a few weeks off work and headed north. We travelled the Alaska Highway through Canada to Anchorage, Alaska where we stayed with my former roommate and her family. We had such an incredible time; everything else pales in comparison! Now we are frantically looking for ways to make a living from the road so we can travel full-time. Yeah, we like the sound of that!!

Gary & Sandy: Sandy was thrilled to welcome three new grandbabies this year. She is now the proud grandma of seven granddaughters and seven grandsons! She celebrated by running the St. George Half Marathon and placing second in her age group. Guess that’s one advantage to getting older: less competition!! Gary enjoyed many of the festivities at Zion National Park, which celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. He was happy to finally get the chance to walk through the Zion Tunnel legally, as one of only 300 participants in the Zion Tunnel Walk. He also enjoyed getting together with his good friend and former co-worker at Zion NP, Owen Hoffman.

All in all, it was a wonderful year full of cherished memories. We wish you a happy holiday season and a wonderful year to come.

The Johnson Family

Monday, December 21, 2009

Too Funny for Words

If you know me & Hunter, you know this has to be the greatest gift ever invented:You'd better believe there is one on it's way to our house as we speak. Thank you, ThinkGeek!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just in Time!

Well, this looks like good timing! My second Christmas project just debuted at Be sure to check it's a pretty easy project that I know will be a big hit with the kids. And Grandma. So Grandma had better not click on that link, if she knows what's good for her! :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Goodies

So, I really wanted to put together a list of gift ideas and resources...but I don't know how to do it without spoiling Christmas surprises. Well I've decided to go with the honor system, and it works like this: if your name is Becca or you are one of my parents (or parents-in-law) you'd better stop reading. Right now. I'm totally serious. If you keep reading this message you will get a computer virus that even Hunter won't be able to fix. How's that for a threat?! Lol!

For the rest of you, I highly recommend checking out She is doing a cool thing called "Gift-A-Palooza", where she showcases a new gift idea each day in the month of December, until Christmas. The best part about this is that two of those gift ideas are mine!! Yippee!!!

So that's where I'm going to start...with the gift I put together for my sister Becca. In case you are wondering why she gets the special treatment, it's because I have her name. Last year I had Sarah's name, and I made this project for her family:It's a 7Gypsies photo spinner, with resources/instructions from Ali Edwards' course at Big Picture Scrapbooking. The project was a lot of fun, and I am pretty sure Sarah liked it. I know Becca liked it, so I wanted to do something similar for her. This year 7Gypsies came out with a new photo display stand, and I wanted to give this one a try. I selected a bunch of photos, and then I used techniques from Jessica Sprague's Brush*Abilities and Photo Editing courses...which just so happen to be on sale right now! This project was a LOT of fun...and seriously one of the easiest projects EVER. I'm sure I could have done more with it, but I really wanted to keep the focus on the photos. Here is the finished product:
Another cute & easy idea I happened upon can be found here. There are two different calendar templates which fit into this desktop calendar holder, available at Ikea:
This project is super-easy because the work has already been done. All you have to do is open the template, drop in your photos, save and print. That's it! I put mine together in about an hour, and I love it so much that I plan to make one for myself. :)

The next idea is great for guys, or anyone who uses a computer at work. Erica Hernandez at Two Peas in a Bucket has a very cool set of templates for a year of computer desktop calendars.

Just clip your papers and photos, add important dates, and save the files onto a cd. I think this is such a wonderful idea...I may have to do one of these for myself, too!!

I have one more idea I plan to share, but it will be revealed on Jessica Sprague's site. Once it is posted there, I will post it here as well. :)

I love fun Christmas ideas...especially ones that are easy, lol. If you have any ideas you'd like to share, feel free to post a link in the comments section.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Pretty Sure...

Maddie is not too fond of princesses!!

Haha, the truth is that she loves them. Ever since we took her to see the Princesses on Ice, she can't get enough. So I couldn't resist when I saw this poster on Shutterfly. I also couldn't resist using this priceless photo of my little sweetie. Pretty sure she's gonna kick my butt someday, but it was totally worth it!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Hunter and I travelled to Texas for Thanksgiving. It was my first time going to Texas...can you believe it?!

We left on Monday, November 23rd. It had snowed the night before, and SLC looked beautiful as we were leaving.
Hunter planned a rather unusual route, which took us through Wyoming. That turned out to be not so beautiful, and very very icy. Ugh. However, we did stop in Cheyenne so we could check out the Big Boy. It is aptly named, lol. We ate dinner at the train museum, and Hunter was a happy guy! He loves trains, can you tell? :)
We stayed that evening in Colorado Springs. The next morning, after travelling thru all that snow and ice, our poor car looked like this:
We arrived in Texas on Tuesday, and stayed until Friday evening. We were able to visit with most of Hunter's family, and we had a great time. Here's a look at our Thanksgiving spread:
It was delicious...there wasn't a thing on my plate that I didn't absolutely devour. And love. Hunter's plate, post-dinner:
He loves corn, can you tell? Lol!

Here's a look at the Thanksgiving crew:
merge family
With the exception of our gracious hostess and her family, no one travelled less than six hours to be there! We really enjoyed our visit, and wish we could have stayed longer. The weather in Texas was absolutely lovely; it was nice to enjoy the warmth.

On our way home we crossed the Rio Grande. The last time I was here, I was about 12 years old (I think), and my dad pretended to drop the car keys in the gorge. He claims we all freaked out; I'm pretty sure none of us were fooled, lol.
Did you notice our lovely car? The sad thing is that this is how it looked after we took it through the car wash.

We stayed Saturday evening in Vail, Colorado...and then stopped at Dinosaur National Monument on Sunday. Those pictures to come later. :)

And now, I'm back to work on Christmas projects. Not nearly enough time in the day...I need to take the entire month of December off, from my full-time job. Then I can work on projects full-time; how cool would that be??

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Great Day to be a Princess

Okay, is it just me or is anyone feeling the Christmas Crunch already? I have not posted in ages, and it's not for lack of stuff to say. I am just swamped lately; there is not enough time in the day! However, I did take time to be a princess yesterday. Or more accurately, hang out with the sweetest princesses I know.

As many of you know, I have the cutest nieces ever invented. They came to town yesterday for a very special tea party. The tea party was at the palace (my house), of course. The princesses arrived in their travel apparel and were promptly bestowed with the appropriate tiaras, scarves, and other assorted bling. Oh, and don't forget the ever-important flashing microphone. Not sure what that has to do with being a princess, but it sure made them happy!
After bestowing these cuties with the appropriate couture, we commenced with tea. Or more appropriately, Kool-Aid, pizza and cookies. With a princess tea set, of course.
Little Maddie was still warming up to the older girls. Eventually she couldn't get enough of them, though.
Following tea, our top-notch hair stylist prepared each princess for a night on the town. She comes highly recommended, I might add.
At this point the temporary palace was rapidly sinking into mass chaos. Of epic proportions.
The princesses were assembled and photos were taken.
Eventually we managed to herd the beautiful princesses into their awaiting chariots and whisked them off to a night of royalty. We emerged at the arena formerly known as the Delta Center, and located our which point the little princesses were then introduced to the Disney Princesses on Ice. I wish I could have captured the look on each girl's face as the show was magical. Even little Maddie could not take her eyes off the beautiful show, and remained transfixed the entire time. It was absolutely priceless; I had the time of my life. I cannot wait for the next princess adventure!!