Saturday, October 25, 2008

Motorcycle Mimi

This is my super cute cousin Mimi. Unfortunately, she lives in New Jersey so I don't get to see her often enough. Now that she is town, we have to make the most of it. Hunter and I are giving her "motorcycle mama" lessons. Of course, she's totally rockin' it.
Weird...with the visor down, she could be me! Or I could be her! How would anyone even know???

Anyway, she's a natural. I'm pretty sure Christian has a new purchase!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


What is it like to live with Hunter? I get this question all the time. Complete strangers will stop me in the street to discover the compelling details. This inquiry is usually followed by statements such as "You poor dear" and "How do you do it?". Yes I do admit, living with Hunter is quite the that requires plenty of stamina and determination. Here is a small sampling of the things I deal with on a daily basis:
may08 012
may08 034
You see what I'm talking about? How do I do it?

It's impossible to spend a day with Hunter and not smile. He keeps me guessing and leaves me shaking my head in wonder. I sure love this guy!
me & h white
Happy Anniversary Babe!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The Sheedy household has a few new acquisitions. First up is our new roommate, Arlo:
Isn't he precious? I picked him up here. You have to be diligent though; since they are handmade, there are only a few available every couple of weeks. And once they're in the shop, they go FAST! I've been trying to get one for a couple of months now, and just happened to luck out the other day. Yay! I absolutely love this little guy, lol. And his little pumpkin, too.

In other news, we have some new wheels:
It's obviously not new, just new to us...and we we are pretty happy with it. We needed a second vehicle, and decided we wanted something we could go off-roading in. This guy has four-wheel drive and I can't wait to take him camping. Too bad it's FREEZING outside! The best news of all? We have the title in-hand. No loans, no debt...100% paid for. What an amazing feeling. Now, if we could only say that about the Mazda...

Anyway, I guess that's all for now. Until next time! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cranberry Cottage

My mama was so excited to tell me about Aunt Yvonne's shop on Etsy. It's The Cranberry Cottage and of course it's super cute. I swear these Lifferth folk are so incredibly talented. Here is my mom's purchase:

I love it...this is totally Sandy and Gary. See that despairing, resigned look on Gary's face? Yeah, he knows he is helpless to stop the force. The force we know and love, called Sandy. :) I think most husbands can sympathize with this plight.

Anyway, I love that Yvonne has an etsy shop. I think everyone who is talented should have an etsy shop, so I can buy their stuff and benefit from their talent! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I'm always looking for new ideas and ways to display my digital creations. I found a great idea here, and it came in the nick of time...I needed a gift for my good friend Abi's shower.

So...I made these designs:
wall block bloom copy
wall block grow copy
wall block dream copy
I printed the designs on Avery Printable Fabric sheets, which I found at Office Depot. I found the canvases at Jo-Ann's (I used the 5"x5" size). I removed the canvas, ironed the printable fabric onto the canvas, and then reattached the canvas. Here is the final product:
I really like the idea...although I'd really prefer to have them professionally printed. Of course, the cost is quite a bit more and the results aren't as immediate so in this case it wasn't an option. Anyway it was a fun project.

I also printed these designs and ironed them onto some onesies...the onesies are super easy and fun to make.
cute as a bug
stink bug
luv bug
So yeah, that's pretty much all I have to say. It's been a relaxing, lazy, cozy weekend and I'm really not looking forward to Monday. Ah, well...the work week will be over soon enough, right?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Getting Started in Digital Scrapbooking

I wrote an article for Shutterfly's blog, about getting started in Digital Scrapbooking. It went live today; you can check it out here. Yay!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

We finally went on another road trip this last weekend, but boy was it a fast one! We headed out Thursday morning and stopped at Hite Marina on our way to Natural Bridges.P9253190

Beautiful! Such gorgeous scenery. We journeyed onward and reached Natural Bridges around 5:30 pm. Plenty of time to reserve a campground on a Thursday night, right? Right. They were full. As it turns out, they only have 13 campsites!!! Really? A National Park, and it has only 13 sites? Oh well, they have plenty of BLM land that allows for overflow camping so we found a nice little spot there. P9253220P9253218

Hunter had just washed the car the night before. Here's what it looked like when we stopped to camp:P9253225

Seems to be a recurring theme for him, lol. We set up the tent, we ate some chow and then busted out the toys. I drove little FJ on the slick rock, all Moab-style and stuff. Hunter flew his plane and good times were had by all.


Natural Bridges has been designated as an official Dark Park, so we were looking forward to checking out the stars. We left the fly cover off our tent and slept under the dazzling starlight.P9253250

It was beautiful. More remarkable, however, was the sound...or lack thereof. It was literally the quietest place I've ever been. The only sound was that of crickets, and nothing else. Even in Henrieville there are a ton of night sounds that can keep a person awake all night. There are dogs, coyotes, cats, light highway traffic, and other occasional/variable animal noises. Here, in Natural Bridges, there was NOTHING. It was amazing.

I was pretty excited for the next day because we were travelling onward via the Moki Dugway. P9263251

"The Moki Dugway gets its name from the carved hand- and foot-holds on cliff faces throughout the region created by the ancient Native Americans. Worn step-like paths can be found leading up cliffs to food storage areas, dwellings, springs, or up steep escarpments..." (quoted from this site). It's difficult to describe how incredibly impressive the sights are here. It left me breathless with wonder. But hey, why describe it when I can show you?


Our GPS said it well:


Holy twisties, batman!! It would have been an amazing road on the bike, except I'm pretty sure I would have been terrified. Hunter would have loved it, though! P9263267

Absolutely stunning. It was raining a little bit too, which made for some cool sky effects. At the bottom of the Moki Dugway you pass thru (or by?) the Valley of the Gods. You can tell this is Monument Valley territory; it's just so amazingly cool!!!


It was a beautiful start to a very long day. We drove for hours and hours and finally reached Ruidoso, New Mexico around 8:00 pm. Hunter caught the gorgeous sunset on the way:P9263273

We spent the weekend with Hunter's awesome sisters and had a great time. Here's a few family shots:P9273305P9273315P9273284

We had a campfire BBQ our last night there, and I spotted a picnic table with a large number of pinecones lined up on the bench. I think they were waiting for dinner and starved to death because nobody brought it. Anyway they looked cute so I snapped a shot.P9273292

This is how Hunter got me out of bed in the morning. As you can see, he just picked up the mattress and dumped me on the floor. You see what I have to put up with??P9273281

It was a great weekend. :)