Wednesday, September 24, 2008


My bestest friend ever had baby boy #2 about a month ago. It was his blessing day last Sunday and I couldn't show up without gifts! When his older brother arrived three years ago, I had an afghan ready. However, my knitting hobby has fallen off the face of the's been taken over by this digi-scrap stuff! So here's what I came up with for little Bennett:
I used these brushes, which just so happen to be on sale until Friday. I then used an oil crayon brush to 'color' these critters, so it looks like actual crayon scribbling. I love how it turned out! However, I couldn't come up with cute sayings for these guys, so they are just a wee bit lonely. If anyone has any ideas, please share! The only thing I could think of was something about being crabby on the crab That one is just a bit obvious. The rest, however, not so least for me.

I also made a little chipboard album. I used photos of Bennett that his sweet mama obligingly provided me with, and covered the entire page with each photo. Then I used Ali Edwards' various brushes to add some words to the pages. I used Cosmo Cricket's Gracie Album, and just scanned in one of the chipboard pieces to get the page template. Printed the pages on white Bazzill the texture of this stuff. I sanded and inked the edges, then adhered the pages with Mod Podge. I also covered the pages with Mod Podge to allow for lots of handling. I've found that you also have to use an acrylic sealer to reduce tackiness and prevent the pages from sticking together. Added some ribbon to the binder ring and voila! A great little gift.
Here's a look at some of the pages:
And the best part of the whole story? Hunter and I arrived in Provo (a few hours late but let's not discuss that) and I discovered the gifts of joy were not in the car!! Horror of horrors, I had left them home! Ack! I'm probably the worst friend ever invented.

However, this means I still have time to take suggestions for adding words to those your submissions are more than welcome!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

First Birthday Ever

shantel 195 copy
Can you imagine being so new to this world that you have never had a birthday before, ever?? Well it's a hurdle that my sweet little niece Maddie has just conquered. Last Sunday she turned one year old...crazy!! I can hardly believe it. Happy Birthday sweetheart!!
shantel 201 copy
In other news, her crazy/brave/amazing mama ran a marathon yesterday. Wow. I'm pretty sure we can no longer be friends, Messie. You are way too cool for me now. :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend Warriors

Okay so we really aren't weekend warriors because we ride all week, too...but hey, I needed a title. And nevermind the fact that this post is late and tomorrow is time for another ride; it's been a BUSY week.

Last Saturday we felt the need for some fresh mountain air + beautiful scenery so we hit the road. As we travelled through the city I marvelled (as usual) at the number of cars on the road. There are just SO MANY PEOPLE in this valley. It boggles my mind. And SLC isn't even a big city, by most standards...yet I will never get used to the sheer numbers here. Just to illustrate: one time when Jed and I were young (let's say REALLY young cuz otherwise this will be embarrassing) we were talking about Salt Lake City. Back then Salt Lake City and Provo were the same thing to us, and all cities were the size of SLC. So basically we were talking about cities and how there are so many people there. We concluded that the cities themselves weren't really THAT big, they just seemed that way because of all the people. For example, the distance from Henrieville (home) to Cannonville (next town over) is three miles. We were quite certain there was no way a city could cover that much distance. We were convinced.

If only we had been right! I face this sad reality whenever I go anywhere. It's a day's journey just to leave this darn city! So Hunter and I hopped on the bike, and several hours later we were finally heading up Emigration Canyon. Okay I admit to a bit of exaggeration, but it felt like hours. We also had a few Near Death Experiences, which is par for the course as well. I feel a tirade coming on...I'd better change the subject!! Or better yet, I'll throw in some pics:

The rat race
ride 055
Starting to see green
ride 056
Sweet solitude, here we come!
ride 060
I love riding. When I'm in the car, I tune everything out. I read, eat, sleep...pretty much anything BUT pay attention. On the bike, however, I am in the moment. I am part of the scene. I am living, breathing, experiencing the entire vista with all my senses. It is so invigorating.
ride 061
ride 080
The best part was that the leaves are starting to change! There was much more color than I had expected, and of course it is beautiful. And's so hard to let go of summer.
ride 082
ride 018
ride 088
ride 122
ride 124
Do I strike fear into your heart?
ride 021
Okay enough laughing...I was only kidding!! ;)
ride 025
ride 032
Love those twisties!
ride 033
We saw a Golden Eagle in a tree and decided to stalk him.
ride 128
He got nervous and took off...
ride 133
but he didn't go very far. We continued our photo shoot.
ride 041
Why did the cow cross the road?
ride 156
No idea. But he was NOT in a hurry to get to the other side.
ride 157
ride 158
Looks like home:
ride 159
There's something nostalgic about red rock. :)
Between Woodruff and Evanston, Hunter picked up a passenger of the winged variety. It dive-bombed into his shirt and we had to make an emergency stop for bug-evacuation purposes. Highly entertaining (unless you were Hunter).
ride 163
ride 164
The moon was huge and lovely, but rather elusive when you're trying to capture it from the back of a speeding, vibrating machine.
ride 167
Same with the sunset. It was gorgeous, but the V-strom is no tri-pod!
ride 173
ride 175
Ah, well. Those last pics do a pretty decent job of summing up my feelings as we arrived home: grateful for the beauty but in need of a good bed. :)

Monday, September 8, 2008


I spotted this gang of hooligans in my backyard and promptly grabbed the camera to gather evidence. Unfortuately as soon as the large one spotted me he fled the scene, and the little ones followed suit.
albrechts 001 copy
Haha, did they really think they could hide from me?
albrechts 003
Oh and don't worry, Hunter got a serious butt-whooping for crashing my photo shoot. Before then, he had a great time chasing the kids with one of the RC cars. They LOVED it! Silly kids (Hunter included).
albrechts 012 copy
albrechts 010 copy
albrechts 008 copy2
The Albrechts hung out at our house yesterday; it was a lot of fun having them around. We got to kick it with them last week too, on Labor Day. Sarah, Esther and my mom were there too; good times were had by all. Here's a few pics from then:
Addison grabbed hold of Hunter's finger while I was holding her, and it was all over. She pretty much reached out and grabbed his heart at the same time. After that he actually wanted to hold her...which is saying something for him! :) I had to get tons of photographic evidence, of course!
I can just see it...he's wondering how in the heck her whole hand could possible be smaller than his thumb. It's an engineering marvel, for sure! :)

Kazie is debating over whose lap to head for: Mom, Grandma, or Aunt Rachael??
Upside-down Maddie:
So many cuties, so little time! I'm still trying to figure out why we don't start our own neighborhood so we can live next door. Of course, then I'd be too busy playing and there would be no time for blogging...would that be so bad?!?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I've written a lot of blog posts over the last few weeks...the only problem is that I didn't actually write them down (or type them know what I mean). Those posts are permanently archived in my brain because, well, I don't really have a good excuse. I just wasn't feeling the vibe, you know?

Anyhoo...I still don't have a lot to say. We've managed to keep ourselves busy; Hunter acquired an Xbox (360 of course) and we now stay up until all hours of the night (morning??) hosting Xbox parties. Or not hosting...just playing. One of our poor friends who will most likely never return had a close encounter with a tow truck. The cops arrived shortly thereafter; let me just say the tow truck driver was not a kindly gentleman.

In other news, I read the entire Twilight series. Yay! :)

I also accepted a volunteer postition with Shutterfly, as a Gallery Guru. You've seen the photo books on my blog; they are actually linked to the Shutterfly Gallery where anyone who has an account (and you get free prints just for opening the account...what's not to love about that?) can share their photobooks and view/comment on other books. You don't even have to buy the darn thing to put it in the gallery, and I eat up all the photobook love that comes my way. Well I'm now responsible for leaving my own love on my favorite photobooks and notifying Shutterfly of noteworthy entries. As a result of my volunteer position, Shutterfly posted an 'interview' with me on their blog...if you're interested you can check it out here. Yay, and stuff.

I have some photos from Soar Utah, which we attended on Saturday, and the family visit yesterday...but I'll have to share those later. Consider it a preview of coming attractions...woohoo!

On that note, I guess I'd better stop rambling and get back to the project Becca's got me working on. I love my projects...they keep me sane (or less insane, depending on how you look at it). TTFN!