Monday, June 30, 2008

Cape Lookout to Crescent City: 310 miles

Our campground at Cape Lookout had showers, so when morning arrived I headed straight for this blessed moment. The shower itself was great, and boy was it nice to get cleaned up! However, I discovered afterwards that my clothes had managed to participate, and as a result they were quite wet. This did not make me a happy camper. There is nothing worse than starting out your day with something as dreadfully uncomfortable as sopping wet clothes. After returning to camp I tracked down some drier items, but the damage was done...I was not in the best of moods.

Fortunately, this changed as we continued our travels along the Pacific Coast Highway. The scenery is unreal.
We saw some signs for the Oregon Coast Aquarium and thought that sounded like a fun diversion, so we stopped to check it out. I couldn't help but think of Braxton and Ryker the whole time...they would have LOVED it! All the sharks, and jellyfish, and other creepy/icky sea life would have thrilled them. These pics are for them:
Ew! Yuck. Too many reasons to stay out of the water! Even though the water sure looks pretty...
We continued on to our campsite. This was the night we were supposed to camp at Jedediah Smith campground...but it was full. It was also Friday the 13th, so we shouldn't have been too surprised, lol! So we headed back to town to find ourselves a hotel. On our way back to town we captured this:
I'm pretty sure that was the heavens guiding us to our hotel room. Hunter wasn't quite as convinced. He was glad to have a happy wife, though! :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Hoh Rainforest to Cape Lookout: 284 miles

Day six. As we left the Hoh Rainforest we saw a whole herd of elk. Last fall when we were at Rocky Mountain National Park we heard the elk bugling, and it was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard! I can't believe such a lovely, musical sound can be made by these animals. It's uncanny.
We travelled through Astoria, Oregon and while there we toured the Columbia River Maritime Museum. We saw a few cargo ships on the Columbia River, and I still cannot fathom how big those things are! I was staring at them and still couldn't comprehend their massive size.

The bridge to Astoria:
An old Coast Guard ship:
A behemoth cargo ship (unfortunately I couldn't get Hunter to stand in front of it for perspective):
Remntants of an old shipwreck:
We drove along the coastline and the view was breathtaking:
We reached our campsite at Cape Lookout State Park...doesn't that sounds inviting?! The campground was right on the beach. We took FJ to the beach and watched the sunset. Very romantic. :)

Not in Kansas...

...anymore. Now I'm in Henrieville. In two days I'll be in Havasupi (unless I die of heat exhaustion first).

After all this, I'm gonna need to hibernate for a few weeks. It's too hot to do anything else, anyway! :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Seattle to Hoh Rainforest: 249 miles

Wednesday, June 11th, was day five of our trip. We were reluctant to leave Seattle; we had been so focused on the scenic spots that we really didn't schedule enough time for the city itself. The saddest part about leaving Seattle was that we didn't get to spend enough time with family. We rarely get to see the Seattle Lifferth clan, so the brief time we spent with them wasn't nearly enough! We're just gonna have to make a return trip...or better yet, move there. ;)

So, moving along...we set out for the Olympic Peninsula. We travelled for several hours when all of a sudden we saw an amazing sight: the ocean! Wow! It was definitely a Kodak moment.
The beach was covered in driftwood...HUGE pieces of driftwood. This ought to give some perspective:
The ocean is very exotic when you're a couple of landlubbers!
We finally managed to tear ourselves away from the beach and continued onward. The trees were growing ever thicker (I was amazed that this was even possible), and it seemed like the road was a narrow tunnel through the forest.
The plants were looking more and more foreign and it was apparent that we were now journeying through a rainforest. Isn't that wild? I felt like we were in the Amazon or something; who knew we has such an exotic, incredible jungle so close to home?! We stopped to check out this "Big Cedar Tree". They sure weren't kidding...can you see Hunter standing in front of it? He's completely dwarfed!!
It looks like a conglomeration of several trees, but it's really just one big tree...the branches are so big that they could be trees of their own! Crazy.
We finally reached our campground, and near the entrance we saw this small building. It's hard to tell, but if you look closely you can see that there is a small tree growing on the roof! It's there on the lefthand side of the roof. Amazing.
We had the most perfect campsite imaginable. We were right on the edge of a riverbank, so the rushing water drowned out any potential sounds of traffic or people (not that there was much of either). The air was cool but not freezing, so when we finally went to bed it was the most cozy, snuggly, comfortable night EVER! The next morning was no less perfect, and we snuggled in the tent for a while...we really didn't want to leave our cozy haven!
Of course, before we went to bed we did some exploring and such. Hunter busted out Old Yeller, and I got a few action shots:
The most beautiful, perfect place on earth:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthday Babe

seattle702 copy
Happy Birthday Sweetie! Wish I could be there to help you celebrate. :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Destination: Seattle

I can't believe how behind I am!! And of course, each day that goes without blogging is yet another story added to the pile. I have quite the backlog. Anyway, let's get right to the point, shall we?

When we arrived the previous night, we stayed at my Aunt Sally's new house. It is stunning! Not only is it gorgeous, but it is surrounded by the most beautiful forest. You would never guess her house is in the middle of a city; it felt like we were miles away from anyone! Sally and her family were so nice to put us up in their brand new digs, especially considering that we had been camping for several days. They made us feel right at home, and wow...what a home it was (is)!
This is the coolest bathtub I've ever seen. Hands down. Well, it's actually the windows around the bathtub that make it so cool. Nonetheless, I absolutely love it!

Seattle. What a beautiful city. Of course the first thing on our list was the Space Needle. What a great way to get a good look at the place! It was pretty amazing.
We got to see a float plane land as another one took off:
The iconic Space Needle:
There is a Science Fiction museum next door to the Space Needle, so of course we had to go. Hunter absolutely loved it! I thought it was cool, but of course I was only there to support my hubby {wink, wink}. After the Science Fiction Museum we rode the monorail to some random mall and had lunch. Oh, and we found this:
Only in Seattle would you find a vending machine for books!! This is my kind of city!!!

We then returned to our car and headed to the Museum of Flight. I think this is turning out to be the greatest day of Hunter's life! There we were able to tour both a Concorde
and Air Force One.
I think it was the first Air Force One ever invented, because it had the most ancient copy machine I'd ever seen. It also had an old rotary phone encased in glass, which said "help us protect this important artifact". When did rotary phones become artifacts?!

Anyhoo, enough about planes (sorry, honey). On to the good stuff. We left the Flight Museum and headed to Tanna's house...woohoo! We got to hang out with Tanna and her family for the evening, and it was great. We kinda like these guys.