Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Round Two

And now for the cutest male baby ever invented. After all, we have to differentiate between the species, right? ;)

This award goes to my sweet little nephew Bennett...woohoo!
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Isn't he precious? I just want to squeeze those cute little cheeks.

Okay, truth be told he isn't technically my nephew. But his mama is practically my sister so I figure it's close enough; I'm claiming the whole Barker clan as family. I love these guys.

Dear Cute & Favorite Barker Family:
Please, won't you move next door to us? I will be the best aunt EVER, and take lots of pictures and bribe your kids to love me.



ang said...


now hopefully all the other cute nephews don't riot...

Dear Auntie Rach: When are you going to move next door so you can babysit and take pictures and hang out with our mama lots?? Love, D&B

Nathan and Esther said...

He is a cutie!