Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fam Jam

It was the annual Lifferth Christmas party last night. It was awesome; I am related to some of the coolest people ever invented.

Our night included sweet babes, Santa Claus, one skilled guitarist (Gabe), the best soup on earth, tons of cool people, a great/inspiring program, yummy desserts (including one that I didn't recognize and turned out to be my own, lol), tons of excited children, and more. Here's a few photos:
I think the only downside to the whole event is that my poor mama couldn't be there. If there's anyone in the world who should have been at the party, it's Sandy. Since she couldn't be there, I'm bringing the party to her...via this blog. Sharing the soup is gonna be kinda tricky, though...


sandy.johnson said...

You are so kind, dear Rachael, to share these precious photos with me! Thanks for being a special daughter to think of your mother! I was very envious of all of you who were able to attend this famous annual Christmas party, thanks to Karl & Paula's kindness! Yes, we have the BEST family!

The Carter Family: said...

I too was jealous that we couldn't go-thanks for the pics!!! As always, I'm sure we missed out on a great evening!!

Smiley Family said...

I always love a Lifferth family party - it is always guaranteed to be a good time! I look forward to the annual Christmas party each year. My only complaint about the evening (besides your mama not being there!), is that I never get to talk to everyone. That is the downside to having such a large family, I always leave and think "I didn't get to talk to Sarah, and Merrilynn, and Kaila, and Mark, etc, etc...."

Zachary said...

It really was a wonderful party. As for shipping the soup...double bag that Ziplock!

ang said...

where the heck was sandy????

Becca said...

I miss out on all the fun! So you must have went blog crazy because I had to go into "older posts" to catch up!

The Wright's said...

It was fun, wasn't it? I love the picture with Sadie and her cute bare feet! Cute update on your blog, btw! (The design.)