Monday, November 3, 2008

Spooky Town

I am a lucky girl. On Friday (Halloween, of course), a bunch of spooks came to visit me at work. It was awesome...I was looking forward to it all day. Sarah-Lou and her team came to join me for our family Halloween party! I'm not kidding about the team part, either...Sadie was the cheerleader, Ayden was the quarterback and Reagan was everybody's favorite referee. Addison was the spectator/fan, of course. It was great! Unfortunately, not too many of my photos turned out. Here's what I did get:
I found out that if you bounce Addi she'll start giggling...and it was the cutest sound ever! I hadn't heard her giggle before and it was precious, so of course I bounced her until my arms almost fell off. I'm not even kidding...the next day I could hardly lift my arms above my shoulders, they were so sore!!! Oh but it was worth it. :)

On Saturday, Hunter went to the slope. He got some nice pics of the city:
The flying conditions at the point of the mountain are so amazing that it has been officially designated as a Flight Park. As a result it's being improved and renovated. This parking lot and grassy field is all new; it used to be pure dirt. Oh yeah, and don't forget to notice the cute little Geo Tracker/Suzuki Sidekick in the parking lot.

One last note...yesterday, November 1st, marked my 10 year hire date at <names have been removed to protect the innocent>. TEN YEARS! Can you believe it? There are two people there who have worked there longer than me. TWO! Wow. Something is wrong with that picture...


The Wright's said...

Leave it to babies to give you the ultimate workout.

10 years! Wow - you ARE a veteran!

Zachary said...

10 years?? Congratulations! Or I'm Sorry! Whichever is more appropriate.

Becca said...

That's crazy you have ten years in! You should get a big bonus or something.
Anyways looks like you had fun with the spooks.

James and Virginia Henry said...

hey, is that a texas tech cheerleader?

rsheedy said...

It is, actually! I was hoping you would see that...pretty crazy, huh? :)

James and Virginia Henry said...

Well, I can't blame 'em for liking Tech! You can add my blog if you want to.