Monday, November 10, 2008

Mechanical Mind

Hunter has been working hard to get this buddy properly outfitted, which has required a few repairs and such. To pass inspection, he had to remove the window tinting from the front windows and the rear brake light. He also had to remove all four tires and replace them with the originals, because the current tires were too big. Fortunately, the guy who sold us the truck still had the original tires and was willing to give them to us. After all the work to replace the big tires and get the car inspected, he then removed the little (wussy) tires and restored the big (much cooler) tires to their rightful home. Unfortunately, in this process one of the lug studs broke.

He tried to fix/replace the lug stud himself but didn't have the appropriate tools. Off to the mechanic...and $80.00 later we have a new stud. I feel like I should insert a joke here, lol. Moving on, he then put in some camber bolts to adjust the front camber. Guess what...I actually know what this means!!! You know why? It's because of this:
radio control 066
Yup, with all my RC car/truck experience I have actually learned things about real cars!! Pretty ironic considering I don't even find it interesting at all. It's amazing how much cooler stuff is when it's miniaturized!

Anyway, Hunter also tried to use a split-boot to replace a CV boot...but that didn't work out. And during that process another stud was busted. A few tools later, voila! He replaced the second stud stinking $80.00 fee, either. He also replaced the entire half-shaft, since the split-boot didn't happen. Here he is, hard at work:
My poor sweetie was out in the cold rain for like three hours tonight, and he actually enjoyed it! He's never really worked on any of our cars before, but I knew he was very familiar with the mechanics. He always describes explicit explain why the car behaves the way it does. And whenever we drive our RC cars, he always knows exactly what needs to be fixed or adjusted or repaired, even before he actually looks at it. Now that we have the Sidetrack, his mechanical side has fully emerged and he is really proving his skills!

So, I thought it was due time I paid homage to this brilliant mind. What a sad fate he has been dealt, to be stuck with such an un-mechanical, un-interested in all things mechanical, spouse. I think I'll give him a back-rub, maybe that will make up for it...


Zachary said...

Well aren't you the Ying to his Yang then?

Way to go Hunter! I had to get some similar things done on my car a few years back, and I have the greatest respect for anyone who can do that on their own.

All About M.E.('s) said...

I think that he is equally lucky to have you :).

The Lund Five said...

I am impressed. I know nothing about cars either. At least Dave knows enough to fix some things that go wrong.

The Carter Family: said...

Yeah, just reading all that car talk was enough to make me bored!! Definitely not my area of interest, but I'm glad it is benefitting you!!

Anonymous said...

I can relate. Just the other week I had to put the doors back on, replace the windshield, pay last years registration, get rid of the stolen rims, and replace the front headlight bulbs that were burnt out. It was a chore.

Jess said...

Nice work! Cars confuse me, I'm glad you know what you're doing.

Monica said...

I love when the hubbies can fix something rather than paying someone to do it. You two are such a cute couple.

The Wright's said...

I love your face..sounds just like me - although I rarely figure things out.