Sunday, November 23, 2008

2009 Months

For the curious, here are the photos I used in the 2009 calendar:
seattle 174mttc copy
seattle 002 copy copy
may08 012 copy
P7012292mttc copy
P9263265mttc copy
retreat08 010mttc copy
seattle654mttc copy
seattle661 copy
seattle861 copy
seattle1041mttc copy
seattle 044 copy
seattle 102mttc copy

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Some of you may recall the calendar I made for my husband's Christmas present last year. I also gave one to his sister and my papa; they all loved it. Or at least, that's what they told me, lol! I loved it because of the large size and the nicely textured linen paper it was printed on. I plan to frame the prints and keep them once the year is over. :)

Well it's that time of year again and I've completely ruined the element of surprise. No matter, it's worth it. You see, you too can own the annual Sheedy Photo Calendar! has a cool feature that allows you to build a photo product and then sell it via their store. So if you click on the photo below, which just so happens to be the January photo, you will be redirected to the photo page where you can order one for yourself. Yay!

And for a limited time, Qoop is having a sale. If you enter the coupon code 24more when checking out, you'll receive 35% off the item! That's an awesome deal...but you have to hurry because the sale ends 11/20/08 (Thursday) at midnight.

P.S. Is anyone else blown away that 2009 is right around the corner?!

And...We're Back!

We headed home yesterday, and this time we took a road Hunter's been curious about for a while. This road took us through Fishlake National Forest. Gorgeous!

Just outside of Lyman we came across this:
Pumpkins on the road posts! This went on for almost a mile...could it be any more random??

Trucks, Dust and a Random Donkey

It was a great weekend in Henrieville! For starters, we took FJ and PJ to the Henrieville Reservoir.
heaven_0526 ms
There were some tough crossings! The trucks had to be air-lifted. We were relieved to finally arrive in one piece. The grand reservoir:
Empty! I was rather baffled by this. Someone (don't look at us) decided to chuck a few rocks to see how deep the mud was.
Plop! We decided it was unsafe terrain for little truckies, and promptly drove them home. PJ happened to be carrying a GPS system (how kind of him). Here are our tracks:
This little afternoon walk turned out to be five miles long! Wow, way to trick me into exercising, honey! Lol.

This guy was not a fan of the little trucks:
He didn't mind if I walked up to him, but as soon as the trucks approached...he was outta there!

After our five mile escapade, I was famished. Fortunately, my parents planned ahead and arranged for dinner at the Shakespeares. They are family friends who were our next-door (and only) neighbors when we lived in Kodachrome. They are the coolest people...and make the best fish ever invented, I kid you not. Tom goes to Alaska to catch his own salmon. He then prepares it in such a way that even non-fish (specifically non-salmon) lovers will wolf it down and ask for more. It is that good. Needless to say, we stuffed ourselves.

So...the next day we had to go on another walk. Calories to burn, fresh air to breathe, and new vehicles who needed their legs stretched. Off we went with the buggies. Stealth Buggy and Mad Fighter, to be exact.
Hunter, Rachael and Gary 001
These guys are fast, and a lot of fun. A lot of fun! This walk went by much quicker because the pace was considerably faster. Oh yeah, and it was only three miles.

Needless to say, after all that walking I parked myself on the couch for the rest of the day and refused to move. I even convinced my sweet mama to make me an apple pie! Okay really, I think that was Hunter's doing. My parents adore Hunter, and it is so cute! We always have so much fun with them, and it makes me wish we lived closer. But hey, it gives us a good reason to get out of town, right??

Monday, November 17, 2008


"The shortest distance between two points represents a complete lack of imagination." I came across this saying the other day and had to describes my husband to a T. Case in point:
This was our route to Henrieville last Friday. Does it look very much like a straight line? Not so much. This is what most of us would consider to be the scenic route. For Hunter, it's a standard-issue trip to the in-laws. Because for Hunter, there really is no such thing as a "standard-issue trip". The journey is just as important as the destination.

This has taken some getting used to, for me. I tend to be task-oriented. If I need to go somewhere, my focus is on the arrival. As a result, I-15 is the only road I know...and I know it way too well! Now that Hunter is the family route-planner, I have become more familiar with numerous "back" roads...roads that are more scenic and far less congested. And so much fun to travel! I've discovered that travelling is so much better when you relax and stop fixating on arriving. You know the saying "stop and smell the roses"? Well this is particularly true when travelling. And believe me, it is worth the effort.

For example, the drive between Torrey and Escalante is one of the most scenic, breathtaking drives in the country. Motorcyclists come from all over to ride this stretch not only for the scenery, but also the exquisite twisties. And it's right here in our backyard! Not convinced? Maybe this will help:
heaven_0477 heaven_0478ms
heaven_0494 mttc
heaven_0496 mttc
It turned out to be a wonderful (all-day) journey. Courtesy of my husband, the ultimate trip-planner. Is it any wonder I like hanging out with him so much??

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mechanical Mind

Hunter has been working hard to get this buddy properly outfitted, which has required a few repairs and such. To pass inspection, he had to remove the window tinting from the front windows and the rear brake light. He also had to remove all four tires and replace them with the originals, because the current tires were too big. Fortunately, the guy who sold us the truck still had the original tires and was willing to give them to us. After all the work to replace the big tires and get the car inspected, he then removed the little (wussy) tires and restored the big (much cooler) tires to their rightful home. Unfortunately, in this process one of the lug studs broke.

He tried to fix/replace the lug stud himself but didn't have the appropriate tools. Off to the mechanic...and $80.00 later we have a new stud. I feel like I should insert a joke here, lol. Moving on, he then put in some camber bolts to adjust the front camber. Guess what...I actually know what this means!!! You know why? It's because of this:
radio control 066
Yup, with all my RC car/truck experience I have actually learned things about real cars!! Pretty ironic considering I don't even find it interesting at all. It's amazing how much cooler stuff is when it's miniaturized!

Anyway, Hunter also tried to use a split-boot to replace a CV boot...but that didn't work out. And during that process another stud was busted. A few tools later, voila! He replaced the second stud stinking $80.00 fee, either. He also replaced the entire half-shaft, since the split-boot didn't happen. Here he is, hard at work:
My poor sweetie was out in the cold rain for like three hours tonight, and he actually enjoyed it! He's never really worked on any of our cars before, but I knew he was very familiar with the mechanics. He always describes explicit explain why the car behaves the way it does. And whenever we drive our RC cars, he always knows exactly what needs to be fixed or adjusted or repaired, even before he actually looks at it. Now that we have the Sidetrack, his mechanical side has fully emerged and he is really proving his skills!

So, I thought it was due time I paid homage to this brilliant mind. What a sad fate he has been dealt, to be stuck with such an un-mechanical, un-interested in all things mechanical, spouse. I think I'll give him a back-rub, maybe that will make up for it...

Quality Playtime (and Christmas Secrets)

Madison came to visit me TWICE in one week! It was a great week. She first visited on Wednesday because her parents had tickets to a Jazz game. So we played the whole night...and it was great! After she left, Hunter remarked that she hadn't cried once...and it was true! She was just precious the whole time.

The second night she came to visit, well, she wasn't quite as happy. But we still had fun. Essie and I were working out, and Madison thought it was the greatest thing ever. She started bouncing along with us and it was truly hilarious...she was like a wind-up toy that had been wound up too tight and released! I would pay cold hard cash to have a video of that moment; it was priceless. Alas, I do not have a video...but I do have a couple photos from her more mellow moments.
maddie_0461 copy
maddie_0463 copy
maddie_0451 copy
She is such a sweetheart. I'm so glad Messie let her come play!

On another note, I would just love to let you in on a secret. The problem is that I can't allow one of my faithful blog readers to know this secret...because I have her name for Christmas! It is truly a dilemma. Well, I may not be able to spill my guts, but I can show you this:
sarah membox copy
It's part of the secret, of course. But fortunately there are no clues here! Maybe in the not-too-distant future I will be able to explain myself. Isn't Christmas wonderful??

Monday, November 3, 2008

Spooky Town

I am a lucky girl. On Friday (Halloween, of course), a bunch of spooks came to visit me at work. It was awesome...I was looking forward to it all day. Sarah-Lou and her team came to join me for our family Halloween party! I'm not kidding about the team part, either...Sadie was the cheerleader, Ayden was the quarterback and Reagan was everybody's favorite referee. Addison was the spectator/fan, of course. It was great! Unfortunately, not too many of my photos turned out. Here's what I did get:
I found out that if you bounce Addi she'll start giggling...and it was the cutest sound ever! I hadn't heard her giggle before and it was precious, so of course I bounced her until my arms almost fell off. I'm not even kidding...the next day I could hardly lift my arms above my shoulders, they were so sore!!! Oh but it was worth it. :)

On Saturday, Hunter went to the slope. He got some nice pics of the city:
The flying conditions at the point of the mountain are so amazing that it has been officially designated as a Flight Park. As a result it's being improved and renovated. This parking lot and grassy field is all new; it used to be pure dirt. Oh yeah, and don't forget to notice the cute little Geo Tracker/Suzuki Sidekick in the parking lot.

One last note...yesterday, November 1st, marked my 10 year hire date at <names have been removed to protect the innocent>. TEN YEARS! Can you believe it? There are two people there who have worked there longer than me. TWO! Wow. Something is wrong with that picture...