Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend Warriors

Okay so we really aren't weekend warriors because we ride all week, too...but hey, I needed a title. And nevermind the fact that this post is late and tomorrow is time for another ride; it's been a BUSY week.

Last Saturday we felt the need for some fresh mountain air + beautiful scenery so we hit the road. As we travelled through the city I marvelled (as usual) at the number of cars on the road. There are just SO MANY PEOPLE in this valley. It boggles my mind. And SLC isn't even a big city, by most standards...yet I will never get used to the sheer numbers here. Just to illustrate: one time when Jed and I were young (let's say REALLY young cuz otherwise this will be embarrassing) we were talking about Salt Lake City. Back then Salt Lake City and Provo were the same thing to us, and all cities were the size of SLC. So basically we were talking about cities and how there are so many people there. We concluded that the cities themselves weren't really THAT big, they just seemed that way because of all the people. For example, the distance from Henrieville (home) to Cannonville (next town over) is three miles. We were quite certain there was no way a city could cover that much distance. We were convinced.

If only we had been right! I face this sad reality whenever I go anywhere. It's a day's journey just to leave this darn city! So Hunter and I hopped on the bike, and several hours later we were finally heading up Emigration Canyon. Okay I admit to a bit of exaggeration, but it felt like hours. We also had a few Near Death Experiences, which is par for the course as well. I feel a tirade coming on...I'd better change the subject!! Or better yet, I'll throw in some pics:

The rat race
ride 055
Starting to see green
ride 056
Sweet solitude, here we come!
ride 060
I love riding. When I'm in the car, I tune everything out. I read, eat, sleep...pretty much anything BUT pay attention. On the bike, however, I am in the moment. I am part of the scene. I am living, breathing, experiencing the entire vista with all my senses. It is so invigorating.
ride 061
ride 080
The best part was that the leaves are starting to change! There was much more color than I had expected, and of course it is beautiful. And's so hard to let go of summer.
ride 082
ride 018
ride 088
ride 122
ride 124
Do I strike fear into your heart?
ride 021
Okay enough laughing...I was only kidding!! ;)
ride 025
ride 032
Love those twisties!
ride 033
We saw a Golden Eagle in a tree and decided to stalk him.
ride 128
He got nervous and took off...
ride 133
but he didn't go very far. We continued our photo shoot.
ride 041
Why did the cow cross the road?
ride 156
No idea. But he was NOT in a hurry to get to the other side.
ride 157
ride 158
Looks like home:
ride 159
There's something nostalgic about red rock. :)
Between Woodruff and Evanston, Hunter picked up a passenger of the winged variety. It dive-bombed into his shirt and we had to make an emergency stop for bug-evacuation purposes. Highly entertaining (unless you were Hunter).
ride 163
ride 164
The moon was huge and lovely, but rather elusive when you're trying to capture it from the back of a speeding, vibrating machine.
ride 167
Same with the sunset. It was gorgeous, but the V-strom is no tri-pod!
ride 173
ride 175
Ah, well. Those last pics do a pretty decent job of summing up my feelings as we arrived home: grateful for the beauty but in need of a good bed. :)


The Wright's said...

Looks like so much fun, unless you were the bug...

All About M.E.('s) said...

Beautiful pics, but of course i would expect nothing less. Looks like a fabulous ride.

Smiley Family said...

My favorite picture is the one of the two of you together! It is about time you posted a "cute couple" pic! Looks like a great ride:)