Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I've written a lot of blog posts over the last few weeks...the only problem is that I didn't actually write them down (or type them out...you know what I mean). Those posts are permanently archived in my brain because, well, I don't really have a good excuse. I just wasn't feeling the vibe, you know?

Anyhoo...I still don't have a lot to say. We've managed to keep ourselves busy; Hunter acquired an Xbox (360 of course) and we now stay up until all hours of the night (morning??) hosting Xbox parties. Or not hosting...just playing. One of our poor friends who will most likely never return had a close encounter with a tow truck. The cops arrived shortly thereafter; let me just say the tow truck driver was not a kindly gentleman.

In other news, I read the entire Twilight series. Yay! :)

I also accepted a volunteer postition with Shutterfly, as a Gallery Guru. You've seen the photo books on my blog; they are actually linked to the Shutterfly Gallery where anyone who has an account (and you get free prints just for opening the account...what's not to love about that?) can share their photobooks and view/comment on other books. You don't even have to buy the darn thing to put it in the gallery, and I eat up all the photobook love that comes my way. Well I'm now responsible for leaving my own love on my favorite photobooks and notifying Shutterfly of noteworthy entries. As a result of my volunteer position, Shutterfly posted an 'interview' with me on their blog...if you're interested you can check it out here. Yay, and stuff.

I have some photos from Soar Utah, which we attended on Saturday, and the family visit yesterday...but I'll have to share those later. Consider it a preview of coming attractions...woohoo!

On that note, I guess I'd better stop rambling and get back to the project Becca's got me working on. I love my projects...they keep me sane (or less insane, depending on how you look at it). TTFN!


Mark Nott said...

congrats on the shutterfly stuff, that's awesome

All About M.E.('s) said...

Congrats, that's really cool. I'm sure they saw how talented you are and couldn't pass you up!

Monica said...

Hey I live in that town called Slackerville too! I haven't felt the vibe either. Congrats again on the shutterfly deal and it was great to see you yesterday. You are a great addition to the group, insanity and all! :)

Zachary said...

I think the Slackerville is something in the air. I am feeling it.

Congrats on the Shutterfly thing! That is seriously awesome. Seriously.

Becca said...

I never knew about your acquired position with Shutterfly. That's awesome, too bad there's no dough involved.