Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rollin' with the Rigbys

It's been a great week of togetherness for the Sheedy/Rigby folks. It all started on Wednesday, July 23, when we decided to go camping together. Since the 24th is a pretty big deal around here, none of us had to work...except Essie who never gets a day off. EVER! Her boss is small but relentless. Luckily her boss is willing to travel with her, so they were both able to party with the rest of us. We went to the Smith-Morehouse Reservoir and set up camp. It was quite lovely there, and it was nice to get away even if only for one night.

Our lovely campsite:
The beautiful morning light:
Messie, the photographer:
The reservoir:
My cute flower:
Messie and the Boss:
P7242545 ms copy
P7242558 super fun happy copy
After our happy vacation in the hills, the Rigbys came to the big city to take care of errands and catch a movie. I was more than happy to watch Maddie while they were at the show...we had a great time together. She can walk across the room by herself now, and although she's not super steady she's definitely getting more confident. She looks like a drunken sailor, but boy is she a cute one! So that's pretty much what we did during her waking hours...walked laps around the house. Endless laps. I haven't had this much exercise since Havasupai!!

When it came time for Maddie to go to bed, I took her downstairs to say goodnight to Uncle Hunter. Well she definitely understands the words "bedtime" and "goodnight" because as I told Hunter to say goodnight, her sweet face got the saddest, most heartbroken look! It tore at my heart...I couldn't bear to see that heartwrenching look! And it worked, too...she earned a few extra minutes of wakey-time for that one! I really don't know how you mamas do it, I'm just putty in their hands.

On Saturday the Rigbys went home, and we followed them to Heber shortly afterwards. Then we all headed over to the Demolition Derby...isn't that awesome?! It's amazing how much fun we had just watching cars smash into each other. Even Maddie had a great time...she was completely enthralled. I've never seen her hold still for such a long period of time; it was quite impressive!

Me and Maddie:
P7262620 sfh copy

She held this position for two hours! That's how awesome the derby was.
P7262621 ms copy

The Rigbys (they seem to be faring well after an overdose of the Sheedys, wouldn't you say?):

Lots of banged up cars:

Someone loves me! But not enough to spell my name correctly...

The highlight of the show:

Braving the storm:


Plenty of fire and smoke:

The sunset:

All in all, I'd say it was a pretty decent week. :)


The Carter Family: said...

That looks like FUN!! You'll have to come down to Minersville in a couple of weeks because there will be another derby here as part of the county fair-and it is fun also-and we usually score seats in the back of the truck next to the arena,(Super close!!)

All About M.E.('s) said...

Fun week!! I love demolition derby's-they are so much fun.


Great pics - I love the picture of your campsite w/the boots by the front door of the tent!!! It sounds and looks like everyone had fun - I sure LOVE Esther's "boss"!!

Monica said...

I love demolition derby's! My favorite part are the mullets and beer! woohoo!

Jess said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! That Maddie is so photogenic. She's adorable.